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Crystal Search Excursion

1 day on the trail of the treasures of the Schamserberg with the local professional spotlightEr Wolfgang Josché. Sure-footed and good physical condition are prerequisites. Anm. erf. until the day before 16.00 o'clock.


14.07.2022 to 11.08.2022 at 09:00 o'clock
on Thursday
11.10.2022 at 09:00 o'clock
13.10.2022 at 09:00 o'clock
18.10.2022 at 09:00 o'clock
Adults. CHF 90.00
Children (7 - 16 years) CHF 60.00 incl. guided tour and tools
Center da Capricorns

One day on the trail of the treasures (crystals) of the Schamserberg under the expert guidance of the local professional spotlighter Wolfgang Josché. Good mountaineering, sure-footedness and good physical condition are prerequisites. Execution with a minimum of 4, a maximum of 10 participants. Children can only participate if accompanied by an adult. Registration required until 4.00 p.m. the day before.
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