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Folk, Rock & Dance Burg-Festival

Folk, Rock & Dance Burg-Festival


17.08.2024 at 17:00 o'clock
Admission: CHF 35.00 (box office)
Pre-order until 30.7.24, CHF 30.00, young people up to 14 years free
Doors open at 5.00 pm, barbecue and drinks
Program: 6:00 p.m. to Open End
Castels Putz Castle

Pink Pedrazzi & Mike Bishop - Americana/Folk-Rock
For many years he has been conjuring up a piece of Americana from his big black top hat with his outstanding voice, guitar, mandolin, ukulele and beautiful songs. Pink Pedrazzi has played many cards and shaped the Swiss music scene with bands such as the Zodiacs, the Moondog Show or the Voyageurs. With his solo debut "A Calico Collection", the great Basel songwriter pulled a true musical ace out of his sleeve. Two EP's with 5 songs each, "The Island" and "Carry On" have been released since 2020 and will be presented live. The live implementation of the albums is also thanks to the amazing Mike Bischof, who shines on lead guitar and bass at the same time and sings the backing vocals perfectly. www.pinkpedrazzi.ch/

Cresta Lake Skifflers with Walter Lietha - Folk, Blues, Skiffle, Songs
B. Lanicca, N. Zogg, G.A. Courtin, H. Jenny and W. Lietha
Enthusiastic musicians, some of them of a more settled age, revive Skiffel, with passion and love. Skiffel is an old style of music from the US of the 20s and 30s, with echoes of blues, boogie-woogie, barrelhouse, and other styles of African-American popular music.
"Music that washes the dust of everyday life from the soul"
Featuring Walter Lietha
Walter Lietha, the subtle artist, singer, bard and poet who sings in the Graubünden dialect, in the tradition of the troubadours, who sing and reflect the world as they find it, between love poetry and longing for nature, with clear words about power and injustice, serious and funny. His voice expresses sentence after sentence what Lietha feels, sees, recognizes, regrets and does not approve of in the state of this world, unheard of and unheard. Stephan Eicher writes about Lietha: "I would like to try to touch people the way Walter Lietha did me as a 16-year-old, lost teenager (...) touched".

Martina Linn – Indie-Folk, Rock
"In tschercha da stizzis" is the name of the programme that Martina Linn from Graubünden is bringing to the stage for the first time this year. In her search for clues in Graubünden, she has transformed Rhaeto-Romanic poetry into enchantingly melancholic and moving songs – spherical, sonorous and also influenced by her ancestral genre, indie folk. She will be accompanied by Sam Baur (percussion) and Rob Aeberhard (bass). www.martinalinn.com/

Dance Performers
TribaLuna DanceSisters with Luisa – Tribal Style Dance

The TribaLuna DanceSisters meet regularly in the dance studio of Tanz-Dich-Frau in Worb to strengthen and celebrate their femininity with the Tribal Style Dance. In their dance they combine elements of different cultural dances (oriental and Indian dance, flamenco...) and let them blossom into a new, powerful and magical dance. The partially improvised dances show the diverse aspects of being a woman - sometimes gentle or mystical, sometimes wild and cheeky. Pure dancing woman's power!

MHL – The Marc Hufnagl Legacy
Association for the Promotion of Talented Musicians.
Every year, the association plans and organizes a concert at Castels Castle in Putz, in memory of Marc Hufnagl, musician, poet and singer-songwriter. Marc lived in Lunden/Prättigau before his death in July 2021 and co-initiated the annual Burg Festivals in Putz in 2018. www.marchufnagllegacy.com/


Marc Hufnagl Legacy

7222 Lunden

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