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Guest entertainment: Mushroom picking in the morning


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Mushroom picking in the wild, followed by tasting from the mushroom basket.


26.07.2024 at 08:30 o'clock
16.08.2024 at 08:30 o'clock
30.08.2024 at 08:30 o'clock
13.09.2024 at 08:30 o'clock
20.09.2024 at 08:30 o'clock
11.10.2024 at 08:30 o'clock
15.10.2024 at 08:30 o'clock
Meeting point: Rothorn valley station

Experience exciting mushroom lessons with expert guidance! Collect and identify mushrooms, learn about their genus, Preparing and cooking mushrooms, exchanging recipes.

Meeting point: Rothorn Lenzerheide valley station
Duration: until 1.00 pm
Cost: adults CHF 70.00 and children CHF 30.00
Services: Organisation, course and accompaniment, tasting from the mushroom basket.
Take along: Basket, knife, possibly a mushroom book.
Equipment: Required, online www.pilze-gr.ch/Veranstaltungen
Registration: Is required under further links or +41 79 346 13 91
Remarks: The excursion is for educational purposes and to get to know the mushroom world better


Meeting point: Rothorn valley station

7078 Lenzerheide/Lai

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