Event Engadin St. Moritz

Prayer for Peace

Every noon from Monday to Friday at 12 noon, the prayer for peace takes place.


01.01.2024 to 31.12.2024 from 12:00 to 12:15 o'clock
Evang.-ref. Samedan village church

In February 2022, a war broke out in Ukraine. Many initiatives have been taken to help affected people in need. In Samedan, a collection point was set up for the entire Upper Engadine, and a daily midday prayer for peace was also organised in the Reformed Church. Many believed at the time that the war in Ukraine would end quickly. Unfortunately, there is still war going on in Ukraine. The collection point no longer works; the gifts and donations are centralized in other places. But the midday prayer remained. At 12 o'clock every day, people meet and pray for peace in Ukraine, Israel and the whole world. We pray for people who ask us to do so or who work for peace against all odds. The midday prayer is an offer to pause once a week from Monday to Friday for a moment of reflection, silence and meditation: time for prayer and meditation on God's Word. It is also possible to talk to the parish priest before or after the prayer. The doors in our church are always wide open for this.


Evang.-ref. Samedan village church

Crappun, 7503 Samedan

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