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Climbing and Mountaineering

There are about 1000 peaks in Graubünden that are sure to let the heart of every climber and mountaineer rejoice. 360 of these peaks are located 3,000 metres above sea level. Without a doubt, the dream of countless mountaineers is the climb the Piz Bernina, the queen of the eastern Alps, located 4,049 metres above sea level, the only peak above 4,000 metres in Graubünden. If this seems too daunting for you, there are plenty of other climbing opportunities in Graubünden: Via ferratas of all difficulty levels or climbing halls and climbing gardens for practice and more intense route training. And if you do decided to climb a peak, book one of the guided mounting climbing or peak tours with an alpine guide. High points for families are the adventure and rope parks, which create unifying experiences.

3 reasons to go climbing and mountaineering in Graubünden

  • Fixed rope routes

    To conquer the rocks, feel the adrenaline at over 3,000 metres and experience one of a kind views. Engage in a climbing adventure, for example at the Pinut in Flims.

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    Via Ferrata Pinut
  • Climbing centres

    Diverse climbing routes, a generous boulder area and an outdoor area with view of the mountains – Welcome to the climbing centre Ap´n Daun in Chur and the other climbing halls in Graubünden.

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    Climbing center Ap'n Daun Chur
  • Rope and adventure parks

    Fun for young and old: A visit to one of the rope parks in Graubünden is a mix between borderline experiences, exercise and an experience of nature. From tree to tree or through the air.

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    Rope Park Arosa
Climbing in Flims
Fixed rope route basics
Flip flops are not quite enough for a tour on a fixed rope route. Find out what you should consider when you go on a fixed rope tour.
To the fixed rope route basics

Top climbing regions in Graubünden

Famous summit names wait for sport climbers in the top regions of Grisons: from Rätikon with Drusenfluh and Sulzfluh to Fiamma and Piz Badile in Bregaglia.

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Spotlight: Nina Caprez, climbing professional

Nina Caprez from Küblis in Prättigau is one of the world’s best rock climbers. Prättigau and the mountain range of Rätikon is her home. Nina considers the Rätikon one of the most beautiful climbing areas.

Get to know Nina Caprez

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