Runda Sinestra

36.3 km
3:30 h
1053 mhd
1053 mhd
Runda Sinestra
Runda Sinestra (Gravelbike)

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Runda Sinestra
The background extras in this ride into the wild, legendary Val Sinestra are characteristic lower Engadine village outlines. Gentle climbs alternate with steep slopes. At the furthest point, there is a short, sweet singletrail descent. Going back out of the valley, it is then a little more straightforward, finally leading along the bank of the Inn.
Technique /6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  1974 m
Lowest Point  1112 m
Best Season
46.795162, 10.294144



You start the Gravel bike tour in sun blessed Scuol (1,243 MASL). Riding along the road, you go straight into a climb towards the neighbouring mountain village of Sent (1,430 MASL). The lower Engadin nestles in between imposing mountains and the panorama on the way back to Sent is indescribable especially in the morning light. From Sent, you follow the Mountainbike Route No. 442 left into the side valley of Val Sinestra. Gentle slopes alternate with steep slopes. The surface alternates between asphalt and gravel. The landscape is varied: ride through dense forest to start with, this then changes to a deep gorge and later to the Alp Patschai (1,943 MASL) with Alpine meadows. After a short descent to the bridge at Punt Crusch (1,920 MASL), the route makes another short but sweet climb. Following the Mountainbike Route, you now arrive at the furthest point of the tour. Then there is a tasty singletrail descent of about 250 vertical metres to Zuort (1,715 MASL), an idyllic forest clearing far away from the noise and hustle. It then gets a little easier outward to the valley. Firstly, along the slope into the mountain village of Vnà (1,636 MASL) and then mostly downhill to Ramosch (1,232 MASL). From Ramosch, you ride for a short while on the road before you turn left towards the Inn. Via a wooden bridge, you reach the camp site, from where you can gently follow the Inn cycle path back to Scuol.

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