Graubünden Ferien


Cross-country Skiing

Val Müstair

Spacious high mountain valleys, perfectly prepared trails through snowy woods and across frozen lakes: Graubünden is Switzerland’s ideal cross-country ski region for both classic and skating style. In addition to the famous Engadine Ski Marathon, Graubünden hosts a number of other exciting races. But we don’t just welcome veteran cross-country skiers. Beginners, too, can come to Graubünden to hone their skills.

Our 5 best cross-country ski regions

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Engadin ski marathon

5:50 am. For about 13,000 skiers, the alarm rings this early every second Sunday in March. Get up, have a cup of coffee – maybe two. And enjoy an ample breakfast. Then the last material check. The anticipation is growing. So is the anxiety. Finally – boom – the starting signal sounds…

Discover the Engadin ski marathon

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