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Culinary Arts in Graubünden

Valbella Inn Resort, Arosa Lenzerheide

Four ingredients make a gourmet holiday in Graubünden special: the regional cuisine from three language areas, the unmatched mountain scenery, the large variety of events encompassing everything from winter hiking to skiing, and the warm hospitality. In Graubünden, you’ll experience the highest standards of pure enjoyment, be it in the Alpine lodges near the mountain peaks or in the prize-winning kitchens of our hotels and restaurants. Add to that the special charm of variety, from the star cuisine of the Engadine to teatime in a mountain lodge in Davos Klosters at 2,600 metres. To capture the experience, we‘re serving up detailed offers and very special recipes on this page. Bon appetit!

4 Reasons for a Culinary Holiday in Graubünden

  • Culinary Alps for foodies

    Imagine yourself here: polenta steaming on your plate, and from your seat on the sun-drenched terrace you cast your eyes over the mighty Piz Bernina. Pure bliss, pure joy.

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  • Culinary offers

    Healthy alpine air and majestic mountain scenery will stimulate anyone’s appetite for good food. It’s a good thing that Graubünden’s culinary tradition is so closely interwoven with its outdoor experiences.

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  • Enjoy local wine

    Enjoy a glass.... or two of local wine from the region. Graubünden's mild climate creates the perfect conditions for wine production!

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  • Gourmet Restaurants

    From Schauenstein Castle to Hotel Haus Homann; the large variety of gourmet restaurants in Graubünden paves the way for superb culinary discovery tours!

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Graubünden air dried beef from Parpan near Lenzerheide

In what is probably the most tradition-rich meat drying operation in Graubünden, popular specialties are today still made by hand in the traditional way.

Discover the Brügger Natural Air-dried meatworks
Brügger Natural Air-dried meatworks

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Engadin St. Moritz – culinary paradise of the Alps

In the holiday region Engadine St. Moritz you can let yourself be culinary spoiled. The seemingly endless feast buffets go from simple farmers meals to grandiose creations from award-winning chefs.

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El Paradiso Restaurant

A selection of our gourmet restaurants

  • Guarda Val, Lenzerheide

    The gourmet kitchen here is run by chef Thomas Walz. He relies on a varied approach with dishes from near and far, and his special highlight is the Maiensäss menu.

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  • Restaurant Veltliner Weinstuben zum Stern, Chur

    Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the richly decorated restaurant «Buendner Stube» and indulge in its fine menu of culinary delights. The historical restaurant is serving light, traditional and seasonal cuisine.

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  • Other gourmet restaurants

    Our haute cuisine is celebrated in Switzerland and worldwide, thanks to its unique blend of regional and international influences.

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Enjoyable: recipes from Graubünden

  • Graubünden barley soup

    The most famous soup from Graubünden is undoubtedly Graubünden barley soup, which is famous far and wide outside our borders. There are dozens of variants of this soup.

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  • Capuns

    Capuns is the synonym for Graubünden cuisine, for its spirit of bold joyful experimentation and imagination – there is not just one recipe for Capuns but countless different ones.

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  • Pizzoccheri

    Pizzoccheri: this delicacy is de rigueur in Valposchiavo. Buckwheat noodles are prepared by hand, cooked with potatoes and vegetables, and served with cheese, garlic, a little butter and sage.

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  • Maluns

    The dish called Maluns first came to Marschlins Castle in 1758. It’s a typical Graubünden dish made with potatoes and flour, which in earlier times was an indispensable feature of every peasant wedding.

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  • Bündnerfleisch («Graubünden dried meat»)

    Every piece of Bündnerfleisch carries a piece of ancient tradition and heritage knowledge in it. It’s easy to understand why this natural product has become an unmistakable part of the canton.

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  • Graubünden nut tart

    Local confectioners brought it back from the south, where the walnut is at home, to Graubünden. Today it is a common «small gift» from Graubünden.

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