Graubünden Ferien

A train journey through Graubünden in the most comfortable way to explore long distances and experience what makes this region so special. Graubünden can be experienced at its best when travelling with the Bernina Express across the highest parts of the alps or with the Glacier Express through the Rheinschlucht gorge. For rail enthusiasts and families there is even more fun to be had! Experience the history of railway travel directly along the track-side, at Albula’s Railway Museum.

4 Reasons to take the train in Graubünden

Viaducts – bold structures of the Rhaetian Railway

How do you get across a gorge? You build a bridge. Over 100 years ago, the railway pioneers of the Rhaetian Railway in Graubünden did exactly that. Yet the results are so much more than simple bridges, they are railway engineering masterpieces.

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Landwasser Viaduct, Filisur

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Road trips on the PostBus

The PostBuses, which connect the remote valleys and tiny villages, are perfectly suited to Graubünden. They run regularly, punctually, reliably and yet with that frisson of adventure that separates holidays from the everyday.

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Lake Sils, Engadine St. Moritz

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