Crossing the Casnile Pass

15.9 km
8:00 h
850 mhd
1150 mhd
Capanna dell'Albigna

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The most frequented of the many crossings that start from the Albigna Valley is the Pass da Casnil, a connection to the Fornotal.
Technique 5/6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  2975 m
Lowest Point  1787 m
Best Season
46.338485, 9.64609



The route is very interesting because it is varied and excellent with many magnificent views of the mountains around the two basins. The view of the firn north face of the Cima dal Cantun and of the wide Forno glacier is particularly magnificent. The last stretch, on the other hand, leads through the woods by the picturesque Cavloc Lake. The whole hike can also be done in the opposite direction without significantly changing its conditions


Overnight stay at the Albigna Hut 


The alpine paths are only partially marked in blue-white, have some exposed passages and are of high difficulty at hiking level (T5) - recommended only for hikers free of vertigo, sure-footed and with knowledge of the alpine environment.


mountain boots, walking sticks, packed snack


It is advisable to leave with the first ride of the Albigna cable car - the timetable starts at 7.00 h - or then spend the night at the Albigna hut. From the mountain station, climb up the right edge of the mighty dam wall, cross it and reach the meadows on the other side. Here begins a marked path that leads in a long, sloping climb to the Albigna hut (2336 m).  Beyond the hut, the path climbs over a grassy hump towards Piz dal Päl and Piz Balzet until you reach a beautiful plateau with water pools. You turn towards the summit of Piz Casnil and follow the path that stays on the right side of a pronounced rocky ridge. Of the two pass crossings - north and south - the southern one (2941 m) is more pleasant; you reach it passing on the right at the foot of a modest rise that separates the mentioned passes. On the other side, you first walk along the left edge of a firn field that precedes a flat valley depression, then over a steep slope that leads directly to the glacier below. On the last stretch, be careful because of steep moraine terrain with loose boulders. Do not turn towards the Forno hut, which is in sight on the opposite side of the valley, but walk lengthwise across the glacier, always nicely in the middle - there is no danger of crevasses. Shortly you will reach the markings of the access path to the hut. At the end of the glacier, follow the path on the left side of the valley to the small reservoir of Plan Canin. Slight ups and downs characterize the last stretch of path before the enchanting Cavloc lake (1907 m), from where you continue the way back along a wide forest road. After the bridge over the Orlegna, a flat road leads to the Maloja Pass and the end of the hike. To get back to Pranzaira, take the post bus, which runs every hour.


Public Transport

PostAuto nr. 4, Chiavenna-St.Moritz-Chiavenna


P.P Pranzaira oder Maloja Orden

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