Greina plateau and Terrihütte, 2 days

24.5 km
10:00 h
1181 mhd
1240 mhd
Willkommen auf der Terrihütte mit Tödi
Morgens im Val Sumvitg -Vor dem steilen Aufstieg

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Long hike to the Greina plateau with an overnight stay in the Terri hut

Technique 2/6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  2268 m
Lowest Point  1223 m
Best Season
Terri hut
46.679946, 8.968778



The Greina plateau at 2200 m above sea level. is a barren mountainous landscape with extensive watercourses - what luck that the power plant efforts of the 20th century failed!

Day 1: We start our tour in Runcahez and hike, partly through forest and along the stream, into the valley. Soon the path begins to climb and before it gets really steep, we take a break at the beautiful stream landscape with waterfalls and pools. Then we take the bends under our hiking boots until we reach the ridge of Crest La Greina. We have to be a little sure-footed, but there are ropes installed in between that we can hold on to. We soon see the Terri Hut and we take a look back into the valley, at our entire ascent route with Tödi in the background.

Day 2: We circumnavigate the Muot la Greina so that we reach the lower, flat part of the plain with the meandering stream, the gravel banks and the wet meadows. The further we get towards Crap la Crusch, the more undulating the landscape becomes. The water collects in the hollows and forms small lakes, some of which are framed with cotton grass. Gentian, louseweed and countless other alpine flowers decorate the meadows.

From Capanna Motterascio we have a magnificent view of the Valle Garzora and Lake Luzzone. The Pizzo Casinello and the Pizzo Cassimoi with their eternal snow are the most striking peaks in the mountain panorama.

The descent from the hut leads in the upper part over alpine pastures, later through a sparse larch forest. A final highlight is the path along the lake, which forms a turquoise-blue fjord at the back. From Alpe Garzott we hike along a road to the reservoir. We simply have to get through the 800 meter long tunnel to the wall behind us. But it is lit.

Now we have to catch the last bus to Olivone in Ghirone so that we still have a connection back over the Lukmanier Pass to Disentis and Sumvitg. (4:14 p.m.) See timetable!


Variant /2nd day: We leave the Muot la Greina on the left side and hike directly into the Greina. We stay on the right side of the watercourse and cross the Greina Pass to the Scaletta hut. On the way we visit the "Arco di Greina" a well-known rock arch.  From the hut we still have the descent to Pian Geirett, from where we take the bus Alpin to Olivone. (Last trip: 3.46 pm) See timetable!


Sturdy footwear


Day 1: We follow the marked hiking trail to the Terri hut

Day 2: Option C / We walk around the Muot La Greina and take a left on the Plaun la Greina to the Motterascio hut. We descend to Lake Luzzone and Ghirone, and then take the Bus Alpin to Olivone. Last bus back to Disentis: 4.14 p.m.


Public Transport

By Rhaetian Railway to Sumvitg.      By Bus Alpin to Runcahez. June to September

Anreise Information

By car to Runcahez


Free parking near the small lake

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