Hora ("Höreli") 2372 m

4.3 km
3:30 h
1120 mhd
0 mhd
Blick auf das Hora, den Valser Hausberg

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Gipfelaussicht mit Blick zum Piz Serenastga
The Hora, also lovingly called Höreli by the locals, is a prominent mountain in the Vals Valley. The mountain trail from Pradätsch up the Hora that has been marked throughout since the summer of 2012 leads you "ufünscha Hussbäärg". At the summit 2,373 metres above sea level you enjoy a view down into the village and can admire the panoramic view over numerous Vals mountains.

Ascent: 3 hours 45 minutes (Pradätsch-Hora only: 1 hour 15 minutes)

Descent from Hora to the village: 3 hours

Total time walking: 6 hours 45 minutes

Technique /6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  2372 m
Lowest Point  1252 m
Best Season
46.61778, 9.18037



The view (north-westerly) on the Pradätsch over the Tödi Range and towards Lugnez is already impressive. You can see Zervreila and some of the Adula massif's peaks looking into the valley. And the bizarre rocks of the Hora impress on both sides of the mountain. At the summit you enjoy a spectacular view down towards Vals and a vast panoramic view.


You can save time saving (approx. 2 hours) by starting on Riefawald with the tour.  Call the Vals hiking bus. Registration required at phone 081 935 16 49. Timetable see www.vals.ch/.


Mother cows defend their calves. Keep a large distance and be aware of how the mother cow is behaving.

Keep the dog on a leash and let it go in case of emergency or attack. link behavior http://www.wandern.ch/de/wandern/sicher-unterwegs/mutterkuhherden


Solid, rainproof, warm clothing. Solid mountain or trekking boots. Gloves, hat, sun protection. Walking poles, food and drink in a rucksack, first aid kit, topographical map, altimeter, compass, mobile phone, torch.


From Platz, follow Dorfgasse north of the church to the upper edge of the village. From here, the trail leads in a south-eastwardly direction to the north of a small stream and up a steep, rocky slope with hardly any switchbacks. After crossing a dirt road, follow a few steep switchbacks up this slope dotted with light-coloured rocks (beneath the Wissflua). From here, the trail becomes less steep, leading in a north-easterly direction through shrubs and coniferous forests until you reach a series of steep switchbacks that will take you to the Riefa spring pasture (1,642 m).

Continue along this trail, passing through the Riefawald with the Tomülhorn towering above. Follow a series of switchbacks to the Pradätsch (1,953 m). Facing away from the valley, you have a wonderful view of the Tödi Range, while in the other direction you gaze upon Zervreila and many of the peaks of the Adula massif.

You can see a marking (white-red-white) in a south-easterly direction on the signpost on the Pradätsch. Follow the mountain trail marking to reach the Hora summit after approx. 1.5 kilometres (2,372 m). Descent: The same route.


Public Transport

Coming up to Vals by PostBus from Ilanz.

Anreise Information

Via Chur-Ilanz to Vals.


Parking "Bidem" (paying necessary) near the village square.

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