Klosters Dwarf Trail - Klosters Circuit Trail Stage 2

2.5 km
0:55 h
107 mhd
95 mhd
Rundwanderweg Klosters Etappe 2 - Zwergenweg
Rundwanderweg Klosters Etappe 2 - Zwergenweg

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Zwergenweg Klosters
You’ll discover beautifully staged “dwarf worlds” along the hiking trail. This is a short walk and so is perfect for small children. Please note that the trail is not suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs. In the footsteps of Purzel the dwarf, you and your children can enjoy a mythical experience in the forests around Klosters. Walk along woodland paths, over hanging bridges and get to know Purzel and his companions. Together with your children, build a dwarf house with garden, dam brooks, play games and have lots of fun in the fresh air.
Technique 1/6
Fitness 1/6
Highest Point  1302 m
Lowest Point  1195 m
Best Season
Klosters Platz Train Station (optional start at the bus stop "Brachweg")
Aeuja, Klosters
46.86199, 9.893751



All objects and beings come to life in nature for children. Small children have a very strong spiritual connection to their surroundings and are bound much more closely to it than adults. Dwarves, elves and gnomes come to life in this dreamlike state of consciousness.

Many children lose this ability to see nature, to deal with this naturalness and view it as part of the real world. Growing intellectual stresses coupled with a lack of contact with nature tend to make children’s spiritual perceptions recede into the background or even disappear. The ways that adults deal with these issues also makes many children doubt their own perception and makes them feel that they are doing something wrong.

The Dwarf Trail is designed to offer children the opportunity to revive their natural bond with nature and its beings. That’s why we consciously avoid excessive stimuli. Children and their parents should have the opportunity to bring their own imagination to life and enjoy nature in all its diversity. The stories and games along the trail are intended to serve as inspiration for all visitors.

We try as far as possible to work with natural materials and are constantly reinventing the trail. Our work is done by volunteers, as a contribution to nature, children and Klosters as a family holiday resort. The trail is developing gradually and we appreciate all help. Please patch anything up should you see anything that needs to be repaired! Please continue working on the trail with your children to make the Dwarf Trail even more attractive. Why not sew a dwarf hat at home with your children to get you in the mood? We are grateful for all contributions. However, above all, we hope that you and your children enjoy immersing yourself in the world of dwarves and enjoy nature with all your senses.


More information on the trail is available on the Dwarf Trail website: www.zwergenweg-klosters.ch/. Please leave your dwarf hats at the Töbelibach or at the Mälcheti so that other children can also enjoy them. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


From Klosters Platz train station follow the grey signposts towards "Arena". Go past the Arena, continue along the stream, past the lido, to the Doggiloch Lake. Continue along the lake until you enter the road to your right, turn left and follow the road until you reach the bus stop "Brachweg". There you will find the first signpost with the label "Zwergenweg". From now on keep following these wooden signposts with the coloured writing. You will reach the end of the "Zwergenweg" as soon as you arrive at the "Zwergenhütten". From there, follow the signposts across a meadow in the direction of "Aeuja Klosters". As soon as you reach the road, turn left and follow the road until you reach the bus stop "Aeuja Alte Post".


Public Transport

Take the Rhaetian Railway as far as Klosters Platz (Timetable 910). Bus no. 3 goes to the Brachweg. Return to the railway station by post bus.

Anreise Information

Follow the A13 and N28 to Klosters.


Please use the public car parks (former ice rink, sports ground) and do not park on the Brachweg (start of the Dwarf Trail). From the car parks, walk along the Doggilochstrasse to get to the start (Brachweg) of the Dwarf Trail. (approx. 6-minute walk).

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