Orte der Magie - Uors/Surcasti

5 km
2:00 h
246 mhd
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Glenner bei Uors

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Zusammenfluss von Glenner und Valserrhein

Panorama menhir, devil's stone and powerful squares.

Technique 2/6
Fitness 2/6
Highest Point  1030 m
Lowest Point  859 m
Best Season
46.700451, 9.183493



In the Val Lumnezia you will find many powerful, powerful places. The hike takes you from power place to power place. Perhaps you feel the different energy qualities or even find long-sought answers to certain questions.

The hike starts at the chapel Sogn Carli in Uors. Take the shortcut to the old road connecting Uors and Surcasti. Beautiful stone walls with small round arches give the old path an idyllic touch. It leads you to the clear Valserrhein (24) and on to the free-flowing Glogn and then winds its way up to the church Sogn Luregn (25). From there we continue to Surcasti. In the middle of the village, the road branches off to the right to the Panoramamenhir (26) on the upper edge of the village. This powerful central stone of a large stone circle has very high energies. From here you walk back through the village and further south into the open terrain, along the dirt road to the edge of the forest. A narrow path leads you through the thicket down the steep slope to Crap dalla Gneida (27), the legendary Devil's Stone in the middle of the alder forest. The path is steep and a little arduous and only suitable for sure-footed people. Walk the same way back to the village.

24. On the gently flowing Valserrhein there is an inviting place with barbecue area. It is a place with uplifting forces to linger and recharge. Under the trees by the river you can cleanse their aura.

25. On the rocky outcrop, a strong place of power and healing, stands the church Sogn Luregn with the former fortress tower. Powerful energies can also be felt in the Church.

26. According to research, the panorama menhir is the central stone of a large, supra-regional stone circle. The energetic mutations have very high values. It is a powerful-powerful place, suitable for refueling.

27. The Crap dalla Gneida is a legendary devil's stone in the middle of the alder forest. All shells, cracks and notches on the large boulder indicate an astronomical significance.

In cooperation with Lumnezia Turissem, the Swiss Power Centres Research Centre tested 66 special places in the region and documented them in 12 hiking routes. Information about the routes can be found in the book "Places of Magic", which is available at the tourist office Vella.

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Refreshments: Uors, Surcasti


Good hiking boots with good profile or trekking shoes, weather-adapted clothing (rain jacket), drink, ev. Hiking poles.


Uors - Surcasti -

Schumials - Surcasti - Uors


Public Transport

Postbus line 90.443 Ilanz - Vals, stop Uors

Anreise Information

Via Chur A3/A13 via Flims to Ilanz in the Val Lumnezia.


Parking in Uors at the schoolhouse or in Surcasti at the village fountain.

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