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Talkirche Pleif

Holy and unholy places.

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Vella, village square
Vella, village square
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In the Val Lumnezia you will find many powerful, powerful places. The hike takes you from power place to power place. Perhaps you feel the different energy qualities or even find long-sought answers to certain questions.

The tour starts in the village square, with the village fountain (1), the chapel Sogn Roc (3) and the Casti de Mont (2). Continue past the playground in the direction of the old people's home. Below the village, at the junction, you can turn right to the viewpoint Caplutta with the saint's niche (4). From there you have a particularly beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding villages and the gallows hill (5). Return to the fork in the road. In a few minutes walk you can reach Pleif (8) with the Cresta da Tgauns (6), the valley church Sogn Vintschegn (7) and the Eschenallee (9). On the nature path, along the secluded edge of the forest, you walk back to the village square.

1. The large village fountain with the statue of Nossadunna, the Mother of God, used to be an important meeting place. The water is strong and at the same time building up and breaking down and can support the organism in its balance with regular consumption.

2. The Casti de Mont was rebuilt in 1666 after a fire by Margaretha de Mont. In its place stood before the fire an older stone house of unknown construction date. Since 1982, the house has been a listed building. The energies are neither high nor consistently uplifting. The castle is not open to the public.

3. The chapel was founded in 1587 by the district judge Gallus von Mont at the time of a plague epidemic. The depiction of S. Cristoffel comes from the well-known Graubünden painter Alois Carigiet. In the church at the high altar and in the church tower you will find high forces.

4. Caplutta means "chapel". The statue of Saint Joseph is venerated by the locals and invoked in times of need. It is an easy and sacred place. The birches look surprisingly light and airy. Feel the relieving energy and the fresh "breath" under the birches.

5. The steeply sloping hill to the south is the gallows hill La Fuortga. Look at the hill from the saint's niche and do not walk through the meadows. On the gallows hill today no particularly heavy energies are noticeable. Possibly. because high and constructive local energies are able to regenerate over time.

6. At the Cresta da Tgauns in the Middle Ages, witches were mercilessly executed and burned. The energies here are high and draining, a mixture that does you no good. Therefore, do not linger


7. The valley church Sogn Vintschegn is a place of silence with high values of natural energy. The testing points to a pre-Christian place of worship.

8. It is no coincidence that the valley church stands in Pleif, because from here one has a view and power over the whole area as far as the Valsertal to the south. Many water veins flow here.

9. It is no coincidence that the valley church is surrounded by ash trees The ash tree is considered the world tree Yggdrasil, the link between life and death. The radiance of the ash exerts a will-strengthening influence and can awaken the mystical power in humans.

In cooperation with Lumnezia Turissem, the Swiss Power Centres Research Centre tested 66 special places in the region and documented them in 12 hiking routes. Information about the routes can be found in the book "Places of Magic", which is available at the tourist office Vella.

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The chapel Sogn Roc is open from about 9.00 - 18.00 o'clock.

The church Sogn Vintschegn in Pleif is closed. On weekdays you will receive the key at the tourist information office (please note opening hours). On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the church is open from about 8.00 - 18.00 o'clock. 


Good hiking boots with a good profile or trekking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing (rain jacket), drink, ev. Hiking poles.


Village Square -

Pleif - Village Square


Public Transport

Postbus line 90.441 Ilanz - Vrin, stop Vella

Anreise Information

Via Chur A3/A13 via Flims to Ilanz in the Val Lumnezia.


Parking at the playground (village center) or in the Baul at the football field

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