Orte der Magie - Vrin

8.5 km
2:40 h
340 mhd
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Kirche Nossadunna e Sogn Gion Battesta

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Powerful, eerie and bewitched places.
Technique 1/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  1681 m
Lowest Point  1374 m
Best Season
Vrin, Postbus stop
Vrin, Postbus stop
46.655207, 9.098676



In the Val Lumnezia you will find many natural, powerful places. The hike takes you from Kraftplatz to Kraftplatz. Perhaps you feel the different energy qualities or even find long-sought answers to certain questions.

After visiting the parish church of Nossadunna e Sogn Gion Battesta with the ossuary (42) and the mortuary (43), the hike goes out of the village towards Cons. At the sawmill you take the path towards Plaun Tgiern down to the wild Glenner (45). Past the Hexentanzplatz (46) you reach the old stone bridge and up to the junction to Parvalsauns. From there it is not far to the idyllic summer hamlets of Puzzatsch and Camplun. Soon you will reach the chapel Sogn Giusep (48) in the hamlet of the same name. Enjoy the view of the imposing Péz Ault and its waterfall (49). Continue along the road back to Vrin.  On the entire hike you will recharge your batteries again and again. 

42. The first documentary mention of the parish church of Nossadunna e Sogn Gion Battesta dates from 1345. The church was built between 1689 and 1694. The builder was Antonio Berogia from Roveredo. The Southern style is very pronounced in this building. The forces are high in almost the entire Church, which is an exception. In the choir area you will find neutral strength qualities, as they were used for cult purposes in the past. 

43. The idea of a funeral home in Vrin corresponds to the old custom of saying goodbye to the deceased in one's own home. The ritual was adopted and implemented in a similar setting in a new, public building. 

44. Above the road, at the sawmill in front of the hamlet of Cons, surrounded by birch trees is the small niche of saints. The springs that rise further up the ground have high energies and would be suitable as mineral springs. 

45. At the round arched stone bridge, the rivers of Vanescha and Diesrut/Ramosa converge. It is a place full of bubbling life energy, refreshing and purifying on a spiritual and spiritual level. 

46. In Tgiern, near the football field, is the Hexentanzplatz. Before the witch hunt in the Middle Ages, the witches are said to have celebrated their "excursions" here and did all sorts of humbug. 

47. The forces in the chapel Sogn Valentin in Puzzatsch are high and neutral as they were often used for places of worship. Probably the place is even more steeped in history than the oldest documents prove. 

48. The detached chapel Sogn Giusep is beautifully situated on a hill from where you overlook the whole valley. They are located in an old cult place, which has been Christianized with the pretty chapel. The forces are high and neutral and from the highest vibration level. 

49. The water that falls down over a rock at the foot of the imposing Péz Ault is impressive and fascinating. Did you know that you can free yourself from worries at a waterfall? 

In cooperation with Lumnezia Turissem, the Swiss Research Centre for Power Places has tested 66 special locations in the region and documented them in 12 hiking routes. Information about the routes can be found in the book "Places of Magic", which is available at the Vella tourist office. 

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Refreshment stops: Vrin, Ligiaziun, Sogn Giusep


Good hiking boots with a good profile or trekking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing (rain jacket), possibly hiking poles.


Vrin - Plaun Tgiern - Parvalsauns - Puzzatsch - Sogn Giusep - Cons - Vrin


Public Transport

Postbus line 90.441 Ilanz - Vrin


Public parking in Vrin at the schoolhouse.

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