Scaletta Pass - Sertig Pass

31.5 km
9:00 h
1399 mhd
1078 mhd

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A rewarding hike for sure-footed nature enthusiasts, crossing two passes, through the Val Funtauna and on to the Lais da Ravais-ch.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 6/6
Highest Point  2739 m
Lowest Point  1532 m
Best Season

Start Railway station, Davos Platz
Destination Sertig Sand
Coordinates 46.79164, 9.82245


You also have the option of returning to Dürrboden by bus. After a final refreshing drink in the Dürrboden restaurant, the path climbs in a southerly direction up to the Scaletta Pass, from where the magnificent mountain landscape to the south opens up to you. You will see the Kesch massif on the right in the background. On the other side of the pass, the trail forks after some 800 metres. Follow the right fork gently downhill across rubble, magnificent flowering hillocks, crossing countless streams. After a short climb, you will come to the upper Lake Ravaisch. The trail goes around the back of it and across the scree slope to the Sertig Pass. The trail then descends steeply across a scree slope into the Chüealp Valley and continues falling into the valley to Sertig Sand.

Points of interest: Scaletta Pass / Sertig Pass
Davos - Europe's highest city - offers all the amenities of a (small) city at the same time as being surrounded by an unspoiled mountain and natural landscape. The Walser people moved to Davos in the 13th century. Davos' tradition as a spa started in 1853 and is associated with the name Alexander Spengler, who soon recognised the healthy effect of the Davos climate and helped to bring it to the attention of the public. Together with W.J. Holsboer, Alexander Spengler founded the Spengler-Holsboer Sanatorium in 1868. New growth came with the construction of the railway line from Landquart to Davos: hotels, guest houses, sanatoriums and villas spread like mushrooms. Many of the foreign guests enjoyed themselves in the snow during their stay and brought new ideas and winter sports equipment to Davos. This helped Davos to become a well-known ski resort in the very earliest days. Today, these high-altitude clinics tend to offer treatment for allergic and infectious diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs as well as trying to treat tuberculosis. Today Davos has 13,000 inhabitants and has a wide range of amenities virtually unmatched by any other mountain resort in Europe. Davos is a centre for holidays, sports, conferences, health, research and culture.

Duchli Sage
The Dischma Valley is 12 km long, the longest tributary off the main Davos valley. A pleasant footpath leads into the valley on the left-hand side of the stream. The typical wooden buildings from the Walser era are to be seen all around. An extremely rich flora abounds at blossom time. Recharge your energy with a light snack and freshly made refreshments in the Teufi and Dürrboden restaurants. Both stations are easily accessible by bus.

Teufi/Dürrboden/Scaletta Pass
This crossing links Davos to the Engadine. The Scaletta Pass was one of the busiest passes in the Grisons mountains almost up to the end of the 18th century. Tough pack horses, accompanied by courageous men, dragged wine barrels, in particular, over the treacherous and rugged mountain. The present road was built in 1949. The path leads steeply up to the pass where a new shelter was built in 2003. Once you have reached the top, your thoughts turn to the Swiss Alpine Marathon. The route of this superlative run goes from Davos via Wiesen, Filisur, Bergün and the Sertig Pass back to Davos. Far away you will be able to see the Alp Funtauna mountain lodge, reminding you of its delicious buttermilk and small cheeses.

Val Funtauna/Sertig Pass
With the Kesch massif at your back, continues across the slopes in the Val Sartiv and then cross through a slope covered in rocky rubble before finally coming to the Sertig Pass.

The Chüealp is a welcome stop for a refreshing drink. Batteries recharged, continue downhill.

Sertig village
Sertig village is undoubtedly one of the most popular excursions for visitors to Davos. Set again the backdrop of breathtaking mountain scenery, a mighty waterfall and a splendid mountain church, it simply cannot fail to enchant visitors. Indulge yourself with some of the fine delicacies on offer in the Walserhuus or Bergführer restaurants. The hourly post bus finally returns you to Davos.

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In October and the end of April to the end of May, the Swiss Army conducts shooting exercises in the vicinity of S-chanf. Thus, the area between S-chanf and the Mountain Inn Dürrboden is closed over the Scaletta Pass (danger to life).


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