Summit Tour Combination Pizol + Hochwart on the Pizol

11 km
4:30 h
791 mhd
791 mhd
Weg zum Pizolgipfel

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Pizolgipfel und Gletschermoräne
Possible combination of the Quartet of Summits Tour on the Pizol. Experience the Pizol summit and the Hochwart in one day.
Technique 5/6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  2831 m
Lowest Point  2213 m
Best Season
Pizolhütte, Pizol
Pizolhütte, Pizol
46.97863, 9.417136



The Pizol rises majestically up to 2,844 m above sea level. M above the skiing and hiking area of the same name. On this tour we experience the well-known Wildsee, the striking mountain peaks in the background and the stony crater of the former Pizol glacier from different angles. From the summit of Pizol, we have a fantastic panoramic view of the St. Gallen, Graubünden and Glarus mountains. From the Hochwart there is an impressive view of the Schottensee, the Schwarzplangg, the Pizol summit and the Gaffara valley, where up to 600 sheep graze in the summer months.


The Berghotel Gaffia is the ideal overnight accommodation and starting point for the tour, especially for the combination of the two half-stages.


The route to the Pizol summit is an alpine route and marked in blue and white. Sure-footedness and a head for heights are required.


Daytime hiking backpack (approx. 20 litres) with rain cover, sturdy and comfortable footwear, weather-adapted and durable clothing in the multi-layer principle, if necessary telescopic poles, sun and rain protection, provisions and drinking water, first aid kit, pocket knife, mobile phone, map material


We start the tour at the Pizolhütte. From the station we turn right uphill onto the hiking trail in the direction of Wildseeluggen. After a relatively flat entrance, past the Twärchamm climbing garden, we soon reach the zigzag ascent. Arriving on the Wildseeluggen, we have a breathtaking view of the Wildsee and our two stage destinations - the Pizol summit behind the remains of the glacier of the same name and the Hochwart on its right. Here we branch off to the left along the Wildsee on the less hiked hiking trail. Continue over the moraines of the former glacier in the direction of Pizolsattel. The ascent to this was moved from the Pizol glacier into the rock for safety reasons. In exposed places, steel cables are attached as a handrail. Once on the saddle, we continue on the right over the ridge until we reach the Pizol summit from behind. The first goal has been achieved.

To get to the Hochwart, we walk the part along the same route almost back to the Wildsee. Shortly before the lake, a path branches off to the left in the direction of Weisstannen, which we follow and soon arrive on the Lavtinasattel after a short and rocky ascent. Now follow the last meters of altitude along the path on the right side, until we arrive after about 10-15min on the Hochwart.

For the way back we go the same way, via Lavtinasattel and past the Wildsee, back to the Wildseeluggen and from there take the descent back to the Pizolhütte.


Public Transport

By train to Sargans and from there by bus to the bus stop Wangs, Pizolbahn directly at the valley station Wangs of the Pizolbahnen. Take the gondola to the Furt mountain station and then take the chairlifts to Pizolhütte station.

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Sargans, then follow the signs to the valley station of the Pizolbahnen.


Public parking available at the Pizolbahnen (CHF 5.00 / day).

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