Val Zuorden ab Brigels

4.7 km
2:15 h
302 mhd
302 mhd
Val Zuorden ab Brigels
Val Zorden

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Ruast-Peiplaunca - Cambrus - at Alpweg junction - Tschegn Dadens / Chischarolas / Brigels ascent towards Tschegn Dadens - then through Val Zuorden descent to Alpweg junction Plaun da Plaids / Tschegn Dadens / Brigels with ascent to the junction Tschegn Dadens / Chirscharolas (winter hiking trail) - Campliun - Ruast / Brigels
Technique 2/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  1544 m
Lowest Point  1299 m
Best Season
Brigels, Plattiala
Brigels, Plattiala
46.771734, 9.058216



The tour first leads uphill through the Aclas, German Gadenstätte, on the outskirts of Brigels up to the edge of the forest at almost 1470 m above sea level. In the forest you will meet the popular winter hiking trail 14, which leads towards Flembach into the front Val Frisal. You follow the winter hiking trail at the edge but in a westerly direction until you reach a turnoff. Follow the trail signpost to Tschegn Dadens/Dado (in summer this is the unpaved alpine road) up to 1544 m above sea level. From here you descend through the Val Zuorden to Artugl. This section through the beautiful forest is officially designated as a ski touring variant. Follow the winter hiking trail uphill to the junction already known from earlier. Here, however, you leave the "road" and walk in a southeasterly direction down to the uppermost houses of the settlement Campliun and then down over the snowy meadows into the village.


Refreshment stops:
- Hotel Mulin, Brigels

Please check the opening hours beforehand, as they vary.


A snowshoe tour leads into unsecured terrain. The tours are not signposted or maintained. It is up to each tourer to fully equip himself and to inform himself about the snow and avalanche conditions before the tour. Surselva Tourism assumes no liability.

The time indication is a guideline in good conditions for reasonably experienced tourers. Times for snowshoe tours can vary greatly depending on conditions, equipment and condition. Plan enough time and start early for the planned tour!

This tour description and the marking in the terrain do not represent a tour recommendation. Each inspection decision is the sole responsibility of the individual tourer. It is strongly discouraged to walk in poor visibility conditions (fog, snowfall, etc.) or in case of increased avalanche danger. Attention spring conditions: From about March and generally on warm and / or very sunny days, tours must be finished early.

Before each tour, find out about the current snow and avalanche situation We recommend doing your first tours with a guide.

For us humans, winter is a wonderful time! Snow-covered landscapes, clear, pure air and in the evening after the snowshoe tour a warm, cozy home awaits you. For our game, such as roe deer, deer and gems, winter is a hard time! Every disturbance by us humans, every escape, becomes a torment for these animals and consumes their reserves. Stay on the published route! In this way, the wildlife and quiet zones are protected.

144 Emergency call, first aid

1414 Mountain rescue REGA

112 International emergency number


Well-functioning snowshoes, poles with winter plates, good footwear, winter-ready clothing. The wind can significantly reduce the perceived temperature in winter: do not forget winter gloves, hat, thermos bottle, etc.

It is recommended to carry a complete winter tour equipment including avalanche detector.


Ruast - Peiplaunca - Cambrus - at the Alpine trail junction Tschegn Dadens/Chischarolas/Brigels ascent towards Tschegn Dadens - then through Val Zuorden descent to Alpweg - junction Plaun da Plaids/Tschegn Dadens/Brigels with ascent to the junction Chegn Dadens/Chischarolas (winter hiking trail) - Campliun - Ruast/Brigels


Public Transport

RhB: Chur - Tavansa

Postbus: Tavansa - Breil/Brigels; BUS 461 direction Breil/Brigels, stop: Breil, postal

Anreise Information

On the A13 to Reichenau, then on the main road via Flims and to Tavanasa and from Tavanasa on to Breil/Brigels.

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