Winter Trail Running: Innauen Route Samedan-La Punt

6.6 km
0:45 h
1 mhd
17 mhd
On the way through the river landscape of the Upper Engadin, the vista sweeps across the broad valley with the Inn in the middle. The river’s restored sections are particularly appealing.
Technique 1/6
Fitness 2/6
Highest Point  1706 m
Lowest Point  1685 m
Best Season
Promulins Arena, Samedan
La Punt Chamues-ch
46.53603, 9.877874



The tour begins near the Promulins Arena in Samedan, not far from the train station. From the restored Innauen area it continues all the way to La Punt. First you follow the old Inn dam, past the airport and to the mouth of the Beverin River. The Inn crosses under the main road near the Promulins Arena and flows into the restored river bed. Near Gravatscha, where the Flaz River joins the Inn, it turns into a channel all the way to the mouth of the Beverin. The Flaz flows into the Inn from the right so as not to disturb the natural balance. The reason for this was to prevent the Flaz’s glacier water from running into the Gravatscha lakes. The inflow was created in the process of the flood protection project of Samedan, which included the relocation of the Flaz and the restoration of the old Flaz.

At the mouth of the Beverin River you switch from the left to the right side of the river. This is where the revitalized section of the Inn begins: the river dams were cut back over a length of about 2 km and the river bed was widened. In some places, the Inn is up to 200 m wide as it flows downhill. The work was completed in late 2020, but the Inn River seems to have its own ideas of what should happen here and continues to shape the landscape with its floodwaters and white waters. The area is a habitat for many endangered animal and plant species. Mobile panels with information about flora and fauna are provided year-round. The trail makes a detour to Isellas and then returns to the banks of the Inn River. It follows the river closely until it reaches La Punt. From the boundaries of the municipality of La Punt, the Inn flows between high dams again, straight as an arrow. It is not clear, however, how long this will last. Attempts are underway to relieve the river from its “girdle” and allow it to spread out. Make sure you stop at restaurant Krone in La Punt, where you can celebrate the end of the tour with a warm beverage. Regular bus and train service is available here to take you back to Samedan.

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Depending on how the wind blows, the hike can also be run in the opposite direction.


Samedan Promulins Arena - Lej Gravatscha - Isellas - Inndamm - La Punt Chamues-ch

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