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Welcome to Graubünden

Snowshoe hikers in Disentis Sedrun Parsenn ski area
Holidays in Graubünden are varied and diverse. Discover the interplay between pristine wilderness and top notch, modern tourism infrastructure – from tranquil mountain villages in the Bergell region to the sleek and sophisticated hotels in St. Moritz.
Mystical atmosphere at Lake Cauma (Photo: ©
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Don’t Miss Out.

The 10 Best Winter Experiences

Graubünden in winter is more than endless cross-country ski trails and wide pistes. We present the 10 best winter experiences that the cold season offers in the Graubünden mountains.

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Protect Together, Enjoy Graubünden.

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Werner Wohlwend
Françoise Stahel: Madame Engadin Skimarathon.
Chamonna Tuoi CAS Chamonna Tuoi CAS
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People and Stories

The Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver from the Wild Valley.

Werner «Wohli» Wohlwend

He speaks the horses’ language, but never sees himself as a horse whisperer. Werner «Wohli» Wohlwend is a coachman, businessman and family man. His heart belongs to the horses.

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People and Stories

Madame Engadine Ski Marathon.

Françoise Stahel

Françoise Stahel has not missed a single marathon since 1969. Now the 80-year-old cross-country skier can't wait for her big anniversary.

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People and Stories

Chamonna Tuoi.

Christian Wittwer

Chamonna Tuoi is one of the few mountain huts that are also open in the winter season. The winter up here guarantees experiences that change lives.

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More Information

Useful information and tips that will help you plan your holiday can be found in the following pages. We look forward to welcoming you soon with a hearty «Allegra».