Swiss Alpine Holidays.

Welcome to Graubünden

Silsersee (Foto: © Schweiz Tourismus / Andreas Gerth)
Holidays in Graubünden are varied and diverse. Discover the interplay between pristine wilderness and top notch, modern tourism infrastructure – from tranquil mountain villages in the Bergell region to the sleek and sophisticated hotels in St. Moritz.
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The Golden Season.

Autumn Excursions

Autumn days are shorter than those of summer, but they are no less beautiful here in Graubünden: The forests turn golden in Engadine and there is loud flirting in the Swiss National Park.

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A Rhaetian Railway train over the Landwasser Viaduct (© Switzerland Tourism / Rob Lewis Photography)
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Alpine Circle.


Discover the most beautiful sights of Graubünden individually – on a tour on the Alpine Circle.

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Protect Together, Enjoy Graubünden.

Coronavirus Information

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Stay Overnight.

Insider Tips

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Cozy Accommodation
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