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The 10 Most Beautiful Hikes

Hiking in Disentis Sedrun
In the largest canton of Switzerland, 11,000 kilometres of marked trails await hiking enthusiasts. With such a large selection to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on a hiking trail. Fortunately, we now help you choose by presenting the ten most beautiful hikes of the region – chosen by Graubünden hiking fans.

1. For the origin-seeking.

Hike to the source of the Rhine

At Lake Toma near the Oberalp Pass, a journey begins that is 1,232 kilometres long and ends in the North Sea: that of the river Rhine. On the way to its source you can jump across one of the most important waterways in Europe with only a single step.

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Wanderer am Tomasee, der Rheinquelle (Foto: © Sedrun Disentis Tourismus, Mattias Nutt)

2. For nature lovers.

Crossing the untouched Greina plain

The three-day hike stretches from Val Lumnezia to the Lukmanier pass. Highlight of the hike: the crossing of the Greina Plateau: a cotton grass landscape untouched by man with a small river flowing through.

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Greina Hochebene

3. For culture enthusiasts.

In the footsteps of traders

In a four-day hike, the Via Spluga runs on the former most important trade route from Thusis across the Splügen Pass to Chiavenna. The first stage to Andeer is particularly spectacular, leading through the Viamala Gorge, in which some travellers and traders of the past lost their lives.

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Viamala-Schlucht (Bild: Switzerland Tourism / Ivo Scholz)

4. For families.

Following the railway tracks of the Albula line

On the Albula railway discovery trail, both young and old experience one of the most impressive train routes in the world. The trail runs parallel to the tracks of the Rhaetian Railway. On signboards, hikers can learn about its construction and operation.

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Family on the Railway Adventure Trail Albula

5. For rangers.

Through the Swiss National Park to the Macun Lakes

The high-alpine hike to the plateau on which the Macun lakes lie requires a certain degree of sure-footedness and no fear of heights. But the climb is worth it. Once hikers reach the top, they are rewarded with views of the national park and 23 small deep-blue lakes.

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Bergseen Lais da Macun

6. For photo enthusiasts.

Picturesque tour to the Jöri Lakes

Turquoise lakes in a sparse mountain landscape and a view of the Silvretta Alps and Piz Linard – these are the highlights of the tour. The approximately five-hour circular hike starts and ends just before the top of the Flüela mountain pass on the Davos side.

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7. For explorers.

To Alp Flix, the treasure island of biodiversity

The highlight of the hike from Lake Marmorera to Savognin is the crossing of the Alp Flix above Sur. This landscape created by the Walser people is a real treasure of biodiversity. Many small lakes and a mountain inn invite you to linger.

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Savognin Alp Flix

8. For connoisseurs.

Scenic panorama trail in Upper Engadine

Overlooking the Engadine Lake District and the Bernina Range, the flat trail from Muottas Muragl leads to Alp Languard above Pontresina. Hikers should bring binoculars as the largest ibex colony in Switzerland lives on Languard.

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Zwei Wanderer auf Muottas Muragl

9. For water lovers.

Through the Rhine Gorge on foot

Up to 300 meter-high sandstone walls lie to the left and right of the river Rhine. The Rhine Gorge is one of the most impressive landscapes in the Alps. The trails from Ilanz to Reichenau leads through it.

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Rheinschlucht (Foto: © LAAX / Gaudenz Danuser)

10. For treasure hunters.

Through the crystal-mining region to the Hexensee

Surrounded by rocks, the Hexensee looks like a blue eye. The ascent from Rueras requires stamina and, as a section of the trail is unmarked, some previous mountain experience. With a bit of luck you can find mountain crystals on the way. The trail leads through a region particularly rich in minerals.

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Hexensee (Foto: © Sedrun Disentis Tourismus, Heidi Meier)