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Brunnen Alfons Tuor, Rabius

Aufnahme vom Denkmal Alfons Tuor
Aufnahme vom Denkmal Alfons Tuor

Alfons Tuor (1871-1904) grew up in Rabius and is one of the most important poets and satirists of the Surselva.


His poems "Allas steilas" (to the stars) and "Il semnader" (the sower) are among the most famous and most quoted Rhaeto-Romanic texts. Some of his poems have also been set to music many times and are still part of the canon of Rhaeto-Romanic singing culture. Thus, the poem Allas steilas has become known above all as a setting with the melody of the composer Tumasch Dolf. In Allas steilas, a lyrical ego searches for the meaning of the short life on earth and asks in a penetrating way why one has to suffer so much on earth. Alfons Tuor himself suffered from physical pain throughout his life. In 1961, the municipality built a well in memory of its poet in Rabius.


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