Church San Bernardino Mesolcina Calanca

Chiesa San Giorgio

The church of San Giorgio, in a dominant position over the village of Lostallo, is one of the oldest buildings still existing in the valley. In fact, it was already mentioned in a letter of April 21, 1219.


The patron saint of the church is St. George, although in the seventeenth century the name of the church on a protocol appeared as "Templum S. Georgji et Marci". In the statutes of 1645 there was even talk of the church of San Marco. It was a small church with a wooden ceiling and a curved apse. It was described by St. Charles as follows: "La cappella major est fornitaca et parva ad forman emicycli." The bell tower stood as today next to the choir, but it was too small to carry two bells, so that the main bell was laid in the cemetery on a wooden support. From 1626 to 1639 restoration work took place. The reconsecration of the same with the three new altars, however, took place only on September 22, 1656. During these works the apse was changed and two side chapels were added. It is to be assumed that the bell tower was enlarged during these works, since today there is room for two bells. Between 1939 and 1941 the walls were secured against the pressure of the mountain, the piode roof was redone, the entrance door was changed. The frescoes are partly ancient. In the vicinity of the north altar there is the statue of the Black Madonna of Loreto. Of great value is the processional banner of 1611 painted on both sides. Brand new are the external lighting that highlights the church even during the night.


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