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Safe climbing on 3 floors and with many variations


CLiiMBER climbing tower - for you this means varied climbing fun with over 100 climbing stations compactly embedded on 3 floors in the crystal-shaped tower on the Prodalp plateau. Each floor offers 30 different, originally designed climbing stations with different designs and levels of difficulty. Thanks to the flexible course sequence, you can decide for yourself which route to take and increase your level of difficulty up to the 3rd floor at a lofty height of 15 metres at your own discretion. miniCLiiMBER The exclusive MiniCLiiMBER allows kids from 4 years of age or up to 1.40 m to try their first climbing tours. flyingCLiiMBER Let yourself be carried from the upper levels of the climbing tower into the distance and float with the flyingCLiiMBER on 6 different lines, at a height of over 15 metres and 700 m long. Feel the wind and enjoy the magnificent view. This experience is only allowed for people taller than 1.40 m. CLiiMBERwall Your skills are in demand. Climb to a height of 6 metres on 5 climbing routes. Try your hand at this fascinating sport and train your strength in hands and arms. Children from the age of 4 are allowed to use the CLiiMBERwall. The self-securing system brings all climbers safely back to the ground.


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