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FiliTour Nr. 10: Süesswinkel

Süesswinkel im Jahr 2015.

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Vom Süesswinkel gelangt man über die Treppe zur reformierten St. Martinskirche.
FiliTour No. 10: Süesswinkel


Social lifeline village fountain

The Süesswinkel used to be known as "bim grossa Brunna". Directly on the road stood the largest village fountain of Filisur, the "truesch grond". In total, there used to be eleven public fountains in Filisur , as well as other private fountains in the more stately gardens. After the first water pipes were laid in the houses in 1889, the old wooden well troughs were replaced by concrete wells or demolished. The truesch grond fell victim to traffic in 1970. It was replaced by a new fountain near the church steps. Today, there are still ten village wells in Filisur.

For a long time , village wells were of central importance in the everyday life of the village population. There they met to fetch water, wash clothes, water cattle and chat with each other. Four to six houses were each assigned to a well. The majority of the two-part wells provided drinking water for humans and animals, while the smaller one served as a washing trough.

Church of St. Martin

From the Süesswinkel you can reach the reformed St. Martin's Church via the stairs.  In 1959, the late Gothic frescoes by a Lombard master were uncovered. The old cemetery overlooks the Albula Valley.

In the audio, Luzi Sommerau, owner of a house in the Süesswinkel, tells of his childhood in this beautiful corner. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures.  

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FiliTour Nr. 10: Süesswinkel

Süesswinkel, 7477

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