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This fountain on the inside of the cemetery wall was built in memory of Marx Heinz, 1881 – 1937. Marx Heinz was a citizen of Flerden and a teacher in Grosshöchstätten (BE). After the death of Marx Heinz, his Witfrau Dora Heinz had worked in Flerden as Schulgotta. At Christmas, each Flerdner student received a chocolate bear and the school a book from which the teacher could read aloud.


water supply

During the preparation of the water supply, work was carried out in the community. Any work that could be done by the parishioners themselves has been done in this way, especially the supply of material from the valley. In the spring, during the strict cultivation period, these shipments were carried out with oxen and cattle. After work, the tired animals were harnessed again by the exhausted people and in a long column they went down into the valley. Around midnight, the heavily loaded carts arrived back in the village. After a short night and a few hours of rest, the day's work began again.


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