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Gemeindehaus Nr. 7: Gemeindehaus

Das Gemeindehaus kopiert das Engadiner Haus nicht, sondern interpretiert es neu.

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Der Balkon auf der Gebäuderückseite ist eine moderne Form der traditionellen Laube.
Parish Hall No. 7: Parish Hall


Tubulent new building

Before the new parish hall could be built in 1977, the previous building had to give way. The congregation cleared the old parish hall for clearing out before it was demolished. An action that got out of control. The villagers flocked in with handcarts, trucks and tools, taking everything that wasn't nailed down. "Dia are miar," they are said to have argued loudly over paneling, stairs and furniture. There were even fisticuffs.

Not only the demolition of the old, but also the new parish hall caused turbulence in the village. Not everyone liked the mighty new building. 

In the audio, Felix Schutz, mayor of Filisur (2008 - 2017), talks about village life and the reactions to the modern community center. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures.  

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Gemeindehaus Nr. 7: Gemeindehaus

Dorfstrasse 38, 7477 Filisur

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