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Kirche San Lurench (protestant)



Sils Baselgia owes its name to the late Gothic church of St. Lorenz, which is situated in a picturesque location on the Inn river; its first mention in an official document dates from 1356. It is freestanding, with the local cemetery on all sides. Church renovations date from 1680, 1750 and 1834.
In 1968 the harmonium was replaced by an organ from the workshops of Messrs. Maag AG in Zurich. During the last phase of renovations in 1980 the panelling in the choir was removed and the organ, which stood opposite the pulpit, was re-sited in its present location. It was at that time that the instrument was converted by the organ manufacturers Felsberg and adapted to the structural circumstances in the new location.
The tower has two bells in the key of D sharp and D double sharp.

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