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Kirche St. Martin

Kirche St. Martin
Special atmosphere in the church St. Martin


The little church with the sanctuary lamp was built in 1312, dedicated to St. Martin, the Bishop of Tours, much-loved by the Walsers. The sanctuary lamp had to be extinguished already in 1652 as the people had to move to lower areas because of the drastic climate change. Since then the priest from Vättis says Mass in the chapel several times during the summer. As in the past, on "Jakobi-Sunntig", the Sunday following St. James's Day (25th July), a church festival with a Mass, music and fair, takes place. Take note of the special ambience, that surrounds you when you enter the little chapel. Do you feel a sense of well-being? You are on a cult place of high energy levels, not only positive ones. Stay just as long as you feel well, sitting on one of the church pews. Also go around the chapel. What do you notice at the ossuary? There were also apparently giants bones stored here. But even the giants moved on because of the cooling of the climate and the bones have disappeared.


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