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Even though the population of Feldis was peasant for a long time and produced a correspondingly large number of food media themselves, in 1905 the time was ripe to set up a shop.


This existed until 1928 in today's Restaurant Wildenstein and was operated from 1916 by the Consum Verein.

The cooperative comprised 30 members from Feldis and Scheid, the most important comrades-in-arms were Pastor Gerber and teacher Johannes Tscharner with his twin brother Valentin. In earlier years, the transport of the goods was arduous. She was brought to Feldis by a truck from Chur and Thusis.

Between 1928 and 1945, Stefan Battaglia's house in Canteun, the "Tgea Poltenta", served as a shop until the current building could be occupied. This was renovated in the 80s and converted into a self-service shop. Furthermore, two apartments were expanded on the upper floor.

Until 1999, the Coop operated the Feldis village shop, then the municipality of Feldis acquired the building for 550,000 francs and rented it to Lagrischa (Volg).


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