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Lo scroscio del Palü - The Murmur of the Palü

Lo scroscio del Palü - Das Rauschen des Palü

The beauty of Graubünden is world-renowned. No matter in what corner of the canton one travels, unique landscapes can be found everywhere- every spot in the mountain region is a masterpiece. In order to match this spectacular nature, the official white-red-and-white trail markers have been newly painted by an artist, called Stefan Rüesch.


Impressed by the mountain streams and waterfalls at the Piz Palü, Stefan Rüesch incorporated  these waterbodies into the mountain hiking trail sign  through two lines in the form of waves.


Lo scroscio del Palü - The Murmur of the Palü

Alexanderstrasse 24, 7001 Chur

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