To Be Nature’s Guest.

48 Hours in the Swiss National Park

Schweizerischer Nationalpark (Bild: Transhelvetica)
Nature has priority in the Swiss National Park. The nature is not the only one who benefits from the strict rules; the guest also gets to enjoy the beauty of it.

By Martina Zürcher & Dylan Wickrama

Friday, 3:00 p.m..

Off Into the Wilderness

Zernez is the gateway to the only national park in Switzerland. At the station, the hiking boots will be laced so that you are ready to go. Today's destination: wilderness. What’s in the backpack? A picnic for two days, toothbrush, silk sleeping bag, fresh clothes and binoculars; these can also be rented at the National Park Center in Zernez. The tranquility is just perfect for a weekend in the nature, and the pureness of it is best discovered in Switzerland.

Hiking – Zernez to Chamanna Cluozza, 8.2 km, 3,5 hours, hike no. 7 in the National Park Hiking Guide.

Swiss National Park (Picture: Transhelvetica)

Friday, 6:30 p.m..

One Night in the Park

When the Piz Linard massif appears on the horizon, we know that it cannot be far away anymore. One last climb and the Chamanna Cluozza, the only hut that allows the visitor to spend the night in the park, will be reached. We enjoy an evening overlooking a landscape that has not been changed by man for over one hundred years.

Sleeping – Chamanna Cluozza, June–October, mass camp from CHF 66.–, incl. dinner and breakfast.

Swiss National Park (Picture: Transhelvetica)

Saturday, 7:00 a.m..

High to the Murter

The early morning is used to ascend to the Murtersattel. «A magical place,» says Hans Lozza, who has been working for the Swiss National Park for 22 years. On the way, marmot’s whistles can be heard and with the help of binoculars, you will be able to identify dinosaur tracks on a stone plate in the Val dal Diavel. At the selected picnic area at the top of the saddle, we will take our time to observe red deer and chamois on the Southeastern slope of the Piz Terza, just 500 meters away. Wait … can you also see the Graubünden heraldic animal at the back of the rock? With newfound energy, you will descent back down.

Hiking – Over the Murtersattel to the parking lot 3, 3¾ hours, hike No. 8 in the National Park Hiking Guide.

Swiss National Park (Picture: Transhelvetica)

Saturday, 12:30 p.m..

To the Il Fuorn and Further

Formerly the Hotel Parc Naziunal Il Fuorn served as a hostel for the miners of the ore mine at Fuorn Pass but today it has made a name for itself as a base camp for those seeking relaxation. Unload your luggage and enjoy freshly prepared Capuns for lunch, then continue on an afternoon tour on the nature trail of the park.

Hiking & Learning – Nature Trail Il Fuorn–Margunet-Parking Lot 8, 3–4 hours, hike no. 17 in the National Park Hiking Guide.

Saturday, 6:00 p.m..

Cinema in Front of the Window

The only TV station in the Hotel Parc Naziunal Il Fuorn is the nature. It is not uncommon to be able to watch deer right from the window. A good night and a warm bed as well as the beautiful nature experiences will give every guest a good night's sleep.

Sleeping – Hotel Parc Naziunal Il Fuorn near Zernez, May–October, double room from CHF 65.– per person, incl. breakfast.

Sunday, 08:30 a.m..

In the National Park Center

The PostBus will drive in the direction of Zernez, with a little stopover to refresh your background knowledge about the park and the animals in the National Park Center. And, for example, to feel the weight of a deer antler on your own head. Uff, that is heavy! Staff at the park will help you plan your next hike in the perfect way.

Providing information – National Park Center Zernez, end of May to end of October, daily 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m., entrance fee CHF 7.–, child CHF 3.–.

Ausstellung im Nationalparkzentrum in Zernez

Sunday, 9:45 a.m..

The Most Popular

The seven-kilometer hiking trail on Alp Trupchun is one of the busiest paths on the 80-kilometer long hiking trail network in the park. Again, it is not allowed to leave the path, but binoculars help to locate animals on the opposite side of the valley. We enjoy hearing and smelling the red deer one last time this weekend. If by chance a bearded vulture rises between the clouds, you just want to shout out with joy.

Hiking – Alp Trupchun, September to October, 3 hours, hike No. 1 in the National Park Hiking Guide. Stag Raft Excursions in September.

Sunday, 5:00 p.m..

Relax Your Muscles

On the way back to your working life, a final stop will be held at the Mineralbad & Spa in Samedan. The mineral springs work wonders. With the loss of muscle soreness, we begin planning the next visit to the park. The wilderness of Switzerland definitely seduces you to come back. Bye for now!

Relax – Mineral Bath & Spa Samedan, open daily, from CHF 38.–.

Relaxing: Mineralbad & Spa in Samedan
Martina Zürcher und Dylan Wickrama


Martina Zürcher & Dylan Wickrama

Martina Zürcher and Dylan Wickrama travel through Switzerland for Transhelvetica. They have been living in a VW bus for the two years, travelling the world for their job and are recording their experiences in their blog Ride2xplore.