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Pfad der Pioniere 12: Schutzwald

Wald als Schutz
Path of the Pioneers 12: Protection Forest


In the case of rockfalls and debris flows, a healthy forest acts like a sieve. The trees slow down stones and debris, hold them back and spread them over a larger area. In this way, the forest protects settlements and roads in the valley. In the course of their development, pines and larches have formed a thick bark to protect against these forces of nature.

In 1854, the sawmill in Surava in Plang la Rezgia burned down. Since this was not rebuilt, the avalanche protection forest was able to recover.  The sawmill was built by Katarina Manzi from Savognin about 10 years earlier. The municipality of Surava granted it the right to cut down and recycle all mature trees from the Tiefencastel border to Alvaneu Bad under the rock Bot Radond for twenty centimes. The wood was transported by horse to Italy, the sawmill ran day and night. In only ten years, the forest was bare except for the young growth. 

More about this in the book "Surava. Zeitdoikumente" by Guido Casutt.


Pfad der Pioniere 12: Schutzwald

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