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Pumptrack Lenzerheide

Pumptrack Lenzerheide
Pumptrack Lenzerheide von oben

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Pumptrack Lenzerheide
An asphalt Pumtrack by Velo Solutions awaits you directly in the village of Lenzerheide. In principle, this can be used with all rolling sports equipment.


Since summer 2019, a pumptrack has been waiting for young and old in Lenzerheide. The Lenzerheide Pumptrack promises lots of movement and fun, especially for children. Rhythmic movements over the waves generate so much energy on a pumptrack that you can keep moving on your bike without pedalling. However, pumptracks are also easy to ride with kickboards or skateboards. But it is not only children who enjoy the new infrastructure. Die-hard bikers also discover new combinations of jumps and berms, depending on their skills and creativity.

Please pay attention to the signs at the start platform to ensure safe fun for all.

 If EVERYONE sticks to the simple basic rules of togetherness, the Pumptrack will be what it should be - a great meeting place!


Public Transport

By bus from Chur to Lenzerheide Post.


You can park your car at the Allod car park.


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