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Die Quelle des Hinterrheins

Die Quelle des Hinterrheins
The wind swirls a snowflake high up over the peaks of the Rheinquellhorn and Rheinwaldhorn.


If the flake touches down in the south of the mountains, it will soon be part of the meltwater of the streams and rivers that flow into the Mediterranean. If the flake falls down in the north, it will reach the Hinterrhein, one of the many source arms of the Rhine.

The Hinterrhein has its origin on the slopes of the 3200 meter high Rheinquellhorn and the 3402 meter high Rheinwaldhorn. Where you can sometimes see the paradise glacier glittering in the sun. The water that flows past hinterrhein has already reached many meters of altitude. From here to the North Sea, however, it is still about 1600 meters into the depth – and 1200 kilometers into the distance...


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