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Schloss Tagstein

Schloss Tagstein
The origins of Tagstein Castle – whose territory lies before us and whose name probably comes from "Badger" rather than "Tag" – are unclear.


The assumption is that it was built after leaving the castle Obertagstein enthroned above Thusis. Untertagstein was first mentioned in 1316, after the great Graubünden castle building boom.

Today's castle dates back to a castle tower, which was incorporated into the rectangular residential and representative wing in 1706. After a fire in 1899, Tagstein Castle received its present appearance with a hipped roof and an elevated tower.

The situation was different when "Heidi" inventor Johanna Spyri (1827 – 1901) sometimes stayed here. It is said that Spyri found the inspiration for her poem "Golden Evening Sun" here.

Why another poetic contemporary is even firmly immortalized in the castle forest remains mysterious: Joseph Victor von Scheffel's (1826 – 1886) name is carved into a stone here, which is why today is called Scheffelstein.


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