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Vom Trampeln und Transportieren

Vom Trampeln und Transportieren
The Splügen Pass is accessible in "summer and winter on horseback and on foot", reports the scholar Aegidius Tschudi in the 16th century. In summer? Clear. But in winter, when there is snow meters high? Even then.


In winter, the mules of Splügen, Sufers and Medels let their oxen stomp a road into the snow; a sleigh run that is not for pleasure, but for the transport of goods.

Up to the hospice in Montespluga, the mules bring their commercial goods. There, the colleagues from the Jakobstal are waiting with the goods destined for the north. Until the 19th century, there were five of these local transport communities between Chur and Chiavenna, which ensured the movement of goods between north and south all year round.


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