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UNESCO World's Heritage Sardona Tectonic Arena

The Tschingelhörner are above the Flims Laax resort and are notable for their prominent peaks as well as a sharp line that runs horizontally through the rock formation. The Tschingelhörner are part of the Sardona Tectonic Arena – a mountain landscape between the Anterior Rhine Valley, the Sernftal Valley and the Walensee Lake – which is geologically unique in the world, because the process of mountain formation is highly visible there. This area, comprising more than 300 square kilometers, was included in July 2008 in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Highlights in the Sardona Tectonic Arena

  • Sardona World's Heritage Route

    In six stages, through the tectonic arena: on the multi-day tour from Walen Lake to Flims, you encounter impressive evidence of the Alpine formation, such as the Glarus thrust fault or Martinsloch.

    Discover Sardona World's Herit
  • Lodge feeling

    The 5 mountain lodges in the UNESCO World's Heritage Site are ideal starting points for hiking experiences. Regardless if you're going for lunch or overnight stay: the lodge keepers look forward to your visit.

    Discover mountain lodges
  • Tamina Gorge

    The road through the Tamina Gorge can be covered with an easy hike (approx. 1 hour) or in a horse-drawn carriage of the «Rössli post». At the entrance of the grotto, there is the Pfäfers Old Bath, with museum.

    Discover Tamina Gorge
  • Flims Water Route «Trutg dil Flem»

    Gentle water ripples and geological peculiarities: the hike along the water route «Trutg dil Flem», leads from Segnesboden, through the biggest rockslide in Europe, to Flims.

    Discover «Trutg dil Flem»

Visitor Pavilion Sardona World's Heritage Site

How did old rock layers come to be on top of younger ones? What is the connection between continental plates and mountain formation? The answers to these questions as well as background information regarding the biggest rock avalanche of the Alps can be found in the new Visitor Pavilion (open during the summer season at 2102 meters above sea level), directly near to the Segne Lodge.

Discover the Visitor Pavilion
UNESCO Welterbe Tektonikarena Sardona
Sardona Tectonic Arena App
Your excursion guide on the road: Explore the Tectonic Arena on your own. The app includes informative videos, impressive photos and even a virtual flight through the UNESCO World's Heritage Site.
App to the Sardona World's Heritage Site «Sarganserland» App to the Sardona World's Heritage Site «Kunkels» App to the Sardona World's Heritage Site «Glarnerland»

Interview with GeoGuide Ueli Jordi

GeoGuides like Ueli Jordi know the highlights of the World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona and the Geopark as well as insider tips.

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