Alp Grüm - Cavaglia (Via Palü)

3.2 km
1:00 h
1 mhd
391 mhd
Alp Grüm

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Hike in the footsteps of hydropower from Alp Grüm (2091 m) to Cavaglia (1693 m) for those who have no problems with steep descents.
Technique 0/6
Fitness 0/6
Highest Point  2084 m
Lowest Point  1692 m
Best Season
46.374518, 10.03105



This hike starts with a stunning viewpoint. After an extensive view of the Palü Glacier and the Valposchiavo to the Bergamask Alps, you are ready for the descent to Cavaglia.

From Alp Grüm train station, take the path that leads down to the right. The path leads through a larch and pine forest and crosses the tracks of the Rhaetian Railway twice. After the second level crossing, turn right to the Central Palü, where the water that comes from Lago Bianco via clearly visible pressure pipes is turbinated for the first time.

From the headquarters you can reach the Lagh da Palü, a lake with the typical milky-green color of the glacier meltwater at the foot of the Piz Palü of the same name. The silence of the place invites you to take a break. If you also want to do something for your taste buds, you can try local specialties at Agriturismo Palü.

After leaving the lake, take the path to the right and after a last descent you will pass the cavaglia power plant, where the water of Lake Bianco is turbinated for the second time.

Before taking the train to the north or south, we recommend a visit to the glacier garden to visit the extraordinary glacier pots and the gorge path in the Orrido di Cavaglia.


Alp Grüm can only be reached by train and on foot.

Quiet variant to the heavily used and biker-driven hiking trail from Alp Grüm via Stablini to Cavaglia.

The hiking trail between Alp Grüm and Cavaglia is the last part of repower's green electricity trail, which starts at the Ospizio Bernina and informs on information boards about the production of hydropower, sustainable energy, nature and history.

In Cavaglia, a visit to the glacier garden with the Orrido di Cavaglia gorge path is worthwhile. More than 30 glacier mills and the spectacular Cavagliasco Gorge await explorers here. 

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