Cascada da Bernina

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Cascada da Bernina
Wasserfallweg Cascada da Bernina

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Cascada da Bernina
The waterfall path "Cascada da Bernina". Translated from the Rhaeto-Romanish, "Cascada" means waterfall. The mountain stream "Ova da Bernina" plunges over two hundred metres in altitude down to the valley. In addition to the rushing spectacle, visitors can also expect pioneering technical achievements.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  1976 m
Lowest Point  1893 m
Best Season

Start car park Morteratsch
Destination car park Morteratsch
Coordinates 46.452029, 9.941509


Just in time for the start of the 2020 hiking season, a new attraction is opened in the Bernina Glaciers adventure area: the "Cascada da Bernina" waterfall trail. Translated from Rhaeto-Romanish, the word "Cascada" stands for waterfall. This is because the mountain stream "Ova da Bernina" plunges over an altitude of around two hundred metres towards the valley. The access is located between the Morteratsch railway station and the car park. The path then leads up to several waterfall platforms - accompanied by a view of the Bernina massif and its glacier world.

In addition to the dazzling spectacle, visitors can also expect pioneering technical achievements. On this passage, the Rhaetian Railway winds its way around tight curves and over historic viaducts. The trains master the differences in altitude without any cogwheel at all and have been electrified since 1908. The railway line of the Bernina Line is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And even the world-famous panorama trains of the Bernina Express cross the waterfall. Incidentally, the neighbouring Morteratsch power station has been running on water from the Bernina stream since 1891. The extensively modernised plant is the oldest existing hydroelectric power station owned by the energy supply company Repower.

The new waterfall path is ideal for walking excursions from Pontresina and Morteratsch. It is also suitable as a section of more ambitious hikes. The Cascada da Bernina lies on the hiking route of the Via Valtellina (long-distance hiking trail and former mule track).


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Take a photo camera with you and schedule your hike with the Bernina Express.


Do not sit on the platform railings, neither yourself nor any other persons or objects!


A hiking trail along the river Ova da Bernina with many beautiful viewing platforms.

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