Crossing the Passo del Turbine

19.6 km
8:30 h
1730 mhd
2423 mhd
Challenging mountain hike from Castasegna or Villa di Chiavenna across the Passo del Turbine to Lago del Acqua Fraggia and back to the starting point.
Technique 4/6
Fitness 6/6
Highest Point  2411 m
Lowest Point  654 m
Best Season
Castasegna Dogana, Villa di Chiavenna
Castasegna Dogana, Villa di Chiavenna
46.333166, 9.511606



The considerable difference in altitude that has to be overcome on the ascent is rewarded by the magnificent view of the valley and the mountains of the Sciora group. The path winds alternately through hay meadows, patches of woodland and clearings. Beyond the group of houses of Malinone, the environment becomes rougher and affords views of the sloping flanks of Monte Saragiolo, where individual shepherds' shelters can still be seen (in places that seem completely inaccessible). After a steep climb and traverse, you reach the viewpoint at the wide saddle of Passo del Turbine (2420 m). On the descent to Savogno (932 m) you pass the Lago del Acqua Fraggia. From Savogno, a comfortable path leads back to Villa di Chiavenna.

Alternatively, you can reach the Passo del Turbine from Soglio.


The trail starts in Castasegna at Dogana (customs) about 100 m east of the roundabout. Between two houses, the path turns north and leads through the meadows to some huts, then continues up to the splendid pastures of Somasaccia (1029 m).
This point can also be reached from Villa di Chiavenna. The starting point here is on the village road that goes up from the bridge over the Zernone river to the village of Motta. At the last houses, a steep path begins that consists entirely of stone steps and leads to the footbridge over the Zernone. The trail continues eastwards across flat meadows until it joins the Castasegna route at Somasaccia.

The path continues upwards, first across a meadow and shortly afterwards to an old customs guard house. You come to the meadow terraces and mountain huts of Lazzale and Ragone, where you have a splendid view of the valley. Further up, you enter the forest and come to the huts of Malinone (1919 m). From this important alpine pasture, continue climbing the grassy slopes that descend from Pizzo Galleggione. The path crosses a torrent and then climbs steeply before reaching the wide saddle of the Passo del Turbine (2420 m) by means of a final slope through the hillside. From the top of the pass, with its beautiful panorama, you can already see the Lago del Acqua Fraggia (2043 m). The descent is in a direct line towards the lake, in the middle of the spacious valley basin. Continue downhill to Savogno along a beautiful mule track that begins on the south-western shore of the lake. Downhill, you pass the huts of Ponciagna and continue to the flat mountain meadow of Alpigia, where you cross the stream. A series of beautiful steps mark the last stretch before the village of Savogno. From here you return to Villa di Chiavenna on a comfortable footpath.

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