Gipfelerlebnis T4 - Piz Gannaretsch

12 km
5:00 h
1110 mhd
1159 mhd
Piz Gannaretsch, links vom Gletscher

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Ein Blick zurück zum Nalps Stausee
An alpine summit that breaks the three-thousand-metre mark
Technique /6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  3040 m
Lowest Point  1908 m
Best Season
Nalps Reservoir
Santa Maria Reservoir
46.638588, 8.76616



We take a taxi to the Val Nalps to the reservoir. The Val Nalps used to be a lonely but fertile alp, until in the sixties the construction machines drove up and a dam was built. The reservoir belongs to the Vorderrhein power plant, which has since supplied electricity to countless households.  

At the height of Alp Cuolm Nalps we leave the marked hiking trail and we look for the trail tracks that lead us in a southerly direction, parallel to the reservoir in the valley. On the left above us hang rugged rocks, under the shoes we have alpine pastures and again and again we cross small ditches or streams. At the Stavel da nuorsas we reach a moraine that stretches up for quite a long time. On this we quickly gain altitude and we get more and more into the glacier forefield of the "Glatscher da Gannaretsch" It is either slippery or we overcome rocks sanded by the ice stream, in between we meet small lakes and mossy areas.

We head towards the glacier and stay on the right side of the ice. Caution is advised. In early summer we still find firn, which makes the ascent a little easier, later the glacier is mostly aper.  We reach the Fuorcla Gannaretsch. On a ridge we overcome the last meters of altitude to the summit. It is demanding. Loose stones make the ascent more difficult. But then we are at the top and all around is only air!  

Up to Fuorcla we have to go down the same path again. Then we walk through sparse meadows and partly very stony terrain. It is a barren landscape. At the "Lai verd", which is really green, we pass. Our next destination is the point 2723 which we have to reach to descend to the Lai Blau. The vegetation increases, and we meet again on trail tracks that lead down to the "La blau". It's really blue. In summer there is only one thing against tired limbs: A jump into the fresh water! In autumn we prefer to stay dry and look for a nice place on the shore of the lake.

The rest of the tour, again on a white-red marked hiking trail over the Alp Rondadura to the Lukmanier pass road, is comfortable and panoramic. As soon as we see the Santa Maria reservoir, it is not too far. The Postbus takes us to Disentis and the train back to Sedrun. 

Important: From mid-October, no more Postbuses will run to the Lukmanier Pass.


If you find crystals in the middle, you can take them with you. Only if you are traveling with a hammer or chisel, you need a spotlight patent.


Trekking scale: T4

Without high-altitude touring equipment, only ascend at the edge of the glacier. The road to Val Nalps belongs to the Vorderrhein power plant and is subject to a driving ban. Anyone who uses the road will not be fined, but in the event of an accident any liability will be rejected. Attention: There are also cyclists and hikers on the way.


Pimples or hiking poles, ev. also a rope.


From the Nalps reservoir we follow the marked hiking trail towards Cuolm Cavorgia. At the height of the Alpine hut Cuolm Nalps we look for the trail tracks, which lead in a southerly direction below the rocks. We cross Aua dils Cotschens and other small ditches and streams. On the large moraine up to the edge of the glacier. Right of the glacier to Fuorcla da Gannaretsch. Turn left over the ridge up to the summit. The same way back to Fuorcla. Afterwards always southwards in impassable, stony terrain to the Lai verd, afterwards descent into a hollow, after which it goes to the point 2723. We now see the Lai blue and find traces again. From Lai blau we hike on the marked hiking trail to the Santa Maria reservoir. The Postbus stop is located a few meters in front of the gallery.


Public Transport

By train from Lucerne via Andermatt or from Zurich via Chur to Sedrun. Private transport or taxi to the Nalps reservoir.

Without a car or taxi, an additional 2.5 hours of hiking time must be expected.

Anreise Information

By car from Lucerne via Andermatt or from Zurich via Chur to Sedrun. Junction towards Surrein(Sedrun) From Surrein on the paved road to the reservoir.


There is a parking space just above the reservoir. Drive all the way to the top.

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