On the trail of ibex in Davos

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Schatzalp-Bahn mit Trassee
Wandern hoch über Davos

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On the trail of ibex in Davos
Technique 2/6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  2709 m
Lowest Point  1556 m
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Schatzalp valley station, Davos Platz
46.797003, 9.821963



The Schatzalp can be conveniently reached by the Schatzalp funicular railway from Davos Platz. From there, take a gently rising road over to the Sommerweg. An awe-inspiring panoramic vista accompanies you along the route. You then come to the Strela Pass at a height of 2350 metres above sea level. The mainly level Panorama Trail starts here. Climb up to the summit of the Schiahorn before continuing along the Panorama Trail.
Follow the Panorama Trail from the Strela Pass to just before the middle station of the Parsenn funicular railway. Follow the road towards Büschalp (Davos) and savour one last time the terrific view of Davos and the beautiful mountain scenery before reaching the valley.

Points of interest:

The car-free Schatzalp lies on a sun-kissed terrace, 300 metres high above Davos, which can be reached with ease on the funicular railway. Make a point of visiting the Swiss Historic Hotel Schatzalp. The former Sanatorium has been run as a hotel for over 50 years. The best-selling author, Thomas Mann, was inspired to write his novel «The Magic Mountain», published in 1924, while staying here.
Be sure to make a short detour to visit the Schatzalp Alpinum to admire over 1,300 different species of plant grown there
The summer toboggan run is fun for the whole family.

Strela Alp
Feeling peckish? Then be sure to stop off for a bite to eat in the homely Strela Alp mountain restaurant. Relax on the sun-kissed terrace and soak up the magnificent Alpine panorama before continuing on your hike.

Lift station
From the lift station, which has not been in use for many years, soak in the awe-inspiring view over to the cliffs on the Schiawang, below and above the Panorama Trail. Ibex are very fond of spending time on these sunny slopes. Be sure to have a pair of binoculars to hand.
Hikers cannot fail to be struck by the many avalanche prevention barriers on these steep slopes. The first protective barriers were erected here in 1920 to make the area between the Parsenn funicular railway and the Schiatobel safe from avalanches. It is not without good reason that Davos is often known as «Horlauben», the name given to the avalanches that roar down from the Schiahorn. During the night of 26 to 27 January 1968, the area of «Auf den Böden» was completely destroyed by the «Schiahorn avalanche». The barriers were extended following this catastrophic incident. To date, they continue to offer secure protection to the people who live in «Auf den Böden» and below.

Trail to the Strela Pass
We would recommend making regular short stops along the next section up to the Strela Pass to observe the ibex grazing on the Schiawang.
Be sure to take time to admire the abundance of flowers on the alpine meadows on the climb up to the pass. Undoubtedly this area has one of the densest populations of flora in the entire Davos region.
The ski area of Strela, which was opened up in 1937 with drag lifts, is also known as SlowMountain in winter.

Strela Pass
As has been documented, the Strela Pass was crossed in centuries gone by. A simple shelter once stood here, which was converted into the mountain-top restaurant in 1937. The name «Strela» is mentioned for the first time in 1338 and is derived from the Latin «striga» meaning witch.

Climb up to the summit of the Schiahorn to observe the ibex at close range. It takes around 1 hour to climb from the Strela Pass up to the summit at an altitude of 2700 m.a.s.l.
Beyond the restaurant, which was built in 1937 as a ski lodge, extends a meadow densely filled with white and yellow poppies. The ascent starts here. Follow the well-prepared narrow path up to the summit.
If you keep as quiet as possible, there is a very good chance that you may spot some animals in the trough to the east or even on the summit itself.

Panorama Trail
This trail connects the Strela Pass to the middle station of the Parsenn funicular railway (Höhenweg). Savour the magnificent views over the Davos countryside.

Just before the middle station of the Parsenn funicular railway follow the path towards Büschalp - Davos. You will reach the Büschalp in 15 minutes.

Interesting facts and figures:
- Around 40,000 ibex live in Switzerland today
- You can observe them in the wild most easily in the morning or towards evening
- We would recommend using a pair of binoculars (telescope) to try to spot them
- You can recognise quietly standing or grazing ibex by their white undersides.

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