Piz Umbrail

14 km
5:00 h
531 mhd
1655 mhd
Mountainbiker auf dem Weg zum Piz Umbrail
Trail Tales: Piz Umbrail - Grosse Tage. Grosser Whisky.

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Zwei Mountainbiker schleppen Ihre Bikes auf den Piz Umbrail
The highest postbus stop in Switzerland. A historic three thousand meters high. And at the very end, the smallest whiskey bar in the world. The tour to Piz Umbrail in Val Müstair is truly outstanding.
Technique 4/6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  3028 m
Lowest Point  1373 m
Best Season
Santa Maria
Santa Maria
46.542881, 10.433521



The best way to get to the Umbrail Pass is by postbus, but the 1,125-meter climb can also be done on the mountain pass road by bike. The difficult part of the ascent, however, begins only after the top of mountain pass road. On a single trail, bikes need to be pushed and carried over 500 altitude meters up to Piz Umbrail at 3,033m above sea level. The ascent is strenuous but pays off.

The descent to the Lai da Rims is alpine entertainment of the highest level. The well-rideable trail winds through rugged mountainous landscape. After Lai da Rims, the route becomes somewhat more technical and is scattered with many turns, but is nonetheless good and fun to ride. Finally the stream is reached in Val Vau, at which point a descent of more than 1,000 altitude meters has already been driven. Many already know the subsequent final section from other tours into the well-known Val Mora. The next trails first avoid a gravel road which then subsequently has to be taken until a mountain ridge is reached, where a new trail branches off to the right through dense forest to the village of Santa Maria.


Dear bikers! The climbing of the Piz Umbrail (3033 m) is a very popular hiking tour. The Val Müstair ask you to not ride with the mountainbike on the trail from 10:00 – 15:00 h and leave it free for hikers so that conflicts and dangerous crossing situations can beavoided. For the climb it is recommended to wear good shoes, to be sure of walking and free from giddiness. The Val Müstair thank for your understanding and consideration.


The summit ascent Piz Umbrail (3033 m) is a popular mountain tour. Val Müstair asks you to keep the route by bike free for hikers from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., thereby preventing conflict situations and dangerous maneuvers. For the ascent, good footwear, sure-footedness and a head for heights are recommended. Val Müstair thanks you for your consideration.

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