Quellrheinweg A: Tomasee - Tschamut

10.7 km
4:00 h
463 mhd
788 mhd
Auf dem Oberalppass
Bei Plauncas Cuflegl

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Technique 2/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  2368 m
Lowest Point  1623 m
Best Season
Oberalp Pass, Station
46.656846, 8.70927



The Quellrheinweg includes a multi-day hike along the Vorderrhein from Tomasee to Reichenau. On this long-distance hike you will experience the element of water in its various facets. The beauties of nature and culture of the Surselva region provide new surprises every day.

Good footwear is recommended, because the different terrain with mountain paths, field and forest paths, stream crossings and steep slopes is very versatile. Some sections have to be covered on hard surface. The area is well served by public transport, so the long-distance hike can be interrupted at will.

The selected tour includes the section Oberalppass-Tomasee-Tschamut. The highlight of this stage is undoubtedly the visit to Lake Toma, a magical place for many Central and Northern Europeans. From Lake Toma, the official source of the Rhine, to its mouth in Rotterdam, the Rhine covers 1320 kilometres. As a small and sometimes wild mountain stream, it plunges over stones and rocks, erodes deep gorges, floods floodplains and rolls as a navigable mighty European river towards the North Sea.

From the Oberalp Pass, the hike leads southeast through a flat moor, then crosses the steep Plauncas Cuflegl slope on a gently ascending path and reaches the edge of a moorland landscape of national importance with extensive fens at Trutg Nurschalas. Through alpine grass and on a zigzag path with stone blocks you reach the highest point. From there it is only 35 meters of descent to Tomasee.

Lake Toma, nestled in a hollow at the foot of Piz Badus, is probably unique in its beauty, magic and international importance. Already Father Placidus Spescha (1752 - 1833) mentioned the place in his description of the Tavetschertal as follows: "This 200 paces wide and 400 steps long lake is the basin from which the front Rhine originates. It is a beautiful area and therefore worthy to be the original source of such a river". The large flat stones overlooking the lake or the green mats on the water invite you to rest and linger.

Where the water leaves the lake as a young Rhine, the hiking trail leads eastwards down to the signpost at point 2174. There you follow the road and partly the paths via Tgatlems, Crest Darvun and Prau Mulins. This moor landscape of national importance is particularly beautiful with the extensive fens, alpine rose bushes and alpine alders from mid-June to the end of August. At the end it goes 500 meters through meadows and along the pass road to Tschamut.

The paths are marked white-red-white.
Ideal season: June to October (variant B: July to September)Refreshment stops: Berggasthaus Piz Calmot and Ustria Alpsu (Oberalp Hospiz), (variant B: Badushütte SAC), Hotel Rheinquelle Tschamut Public transport: Oberalppass (station MGB), Tschamut
(station MGB)

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Oberalp Pass - Plauncas Cuflegl - Trutg Nurschalas - Lai da Tuma - Crest Darvun - Prau Mulins - Tschamut

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