Route of amazement Calfeisental

9.1 km
4:00 h
597 mhd
597 mhd
Sankt Martin im Calfeisental
Sankt Martin im Calfeisental

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Blick auf den Chirchlikopf
A hike in the middle of a fascinating mountain world, which gives insights into the life of the Walser people and into that of our ancestors.
Technique 2/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  1832 m
Lowest Point  1339 m
Best Season
St. Martin
St. Martin
46.920369, 9.355199



From the Walser settlement of Sankt Martin, we follow the signpost to the world record fir tree (Stockboden). The signposted hiking trail leads down to Schwamm, from where an alpine road leads up to Malanseralp. From Malanseralp it goes back on the alpine road to St. Martin.

Church of St. Martin (place of worship): In 1312 the little church was built with eternal light, the patron saint was Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours, who was popular with the Walsers. As early as 1652, the Eternal Light had to be extinguished again, as the population was forced to move to lower altitudes due to drastic climate change. There are strong energies in the Church, but not only constructive ones.

Chilchlikopf (place of power/cult place): Pay attention to the special atmosphere that surrounds you after entering the small chapel. Are you feeling good? Would you like to linger? You are in a place of worship of high energies, but they are not only uplifting.
World Record Fir (Heilplatz) : They are under the canopy of the thickest red fir in the world, their diameter is now an impressive 1.84 meters. Hold it or lean your back against the trunk. The energies you absorb are very intense and are both building and dissipating.

Malanseralp (healing place): The Malanseralp with its wonderful view, like the whole valley, awaits with increased energies, but these are not balanced. From an energetic point of view, this is a healing place. From the Malanseralp you can also enjoy a unique view of the area of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona.

Sardonaalp with Hexenbühl (power place/cult site): Not far from the Sardona hut, a little to the west, is the old cult hill "Hexenbühl", north of it the field name "Tüfelsruns" stands out. There is a lot of witchcraft and devilry here, legends tell of many a gruesome occurrence that is said to have happened here. Both on the Sardonaalp and on the Hexenbühl you will find strong energies, which in the case of the Hexenbühl have cult site qualities.


A visit to the Walser settlement Sankt Martin is very worthwhile.


Normal hiking equipment, sturdy mountain boots.


St. Martin - Stockboden - Sponge - Malanseralp - Sponge - St. Martin


Public Transport

From Bad Ragaz train station take the Postbus to Vättis and on to the Gigerwald dam. On foot it goes along the reservoir to St. Martin (3.4 km, about 50 min).

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Bad Ragaz - follow the signs in the direction of Pfäfers - drive through Pfäfers and continue in the direction of Vättis and then continue into the Calfeisental, over the Gigerwald dam to Sankt Martin.

From the dam wall, limited access times to St. Martin apply:

  • From 09:00 - 09:20 every hour on the hour in the direction of St. Martin
  • From 09:30 - 09:50 every half hour towards the dam etc. until 18:00.


Numerous free parking spaces are available at the Walsersiedlung Sankt Martin.

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