Route of amazement Pizol Gaffia

9.4 km
4:00 h
691 mhd
691 mhd
Die Steinmanndli beim Rossstall
Bizarre Felsformationen mit menschlichen Zügen

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Grüner Baschalvasee
Demanding mountain hike, which lets you experience a part of the famous 5-lakes hike in a completely different way.
Technique 2/6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  2454 m
Lowest Point  1856 m
Best Season
Gaffia, mountain station
Gaffia, mountain station
46.99079, 9.412862



In the footsteps of herb priest Künzle, the free Walsers, medieval pilgrims and pre-Christian cult place visitors, you climb - in contrast to your predecessors - from Gaffia the Basegglagrat and then reach the legendary Schwarzsee. The initial ascent is steep. Following the flank you ascend to Lake Bashalva. From here you climb the Crete and further the Basegglagrat with its Steinmanndli and after a short descent you reach the Schwarzsee, from where you descend on the same path back to Gaffia. If you hike the route as a round trip, you have the advantage of experiencing the trail in different ways.

Rock towers: The mountain path initially leads you along the flank. Despite the incline, things are going well, you quickly gain altitude. Think of the ancient pilgrims who had to ascend from the valley. The path leads you out of the flank and changes its direction. You are from one step to the other in a kind of enchanted garden. Stop and contemplate the bizarre rock towers. Like petrified beings, they sit next to the path as guardians of the place. They get into a real vortex of power here. The rock creatures seem to possess life, their energies are almost tangible

Lake Bashalva: more moderate, but no less intense, are the forces of the green Lake Bashalva. From the prevailing energy qualities, it would be possible to build a place of worship here.

Steinmanndli: Once you arrive at the fascinating stone objects, the oldest of which are said to date back to prehistoric times, you first enjoy the fantastic view. Sit on the round hill between the stone towers to rest and absorb the prevailing vibrations. In the past, there was a place of worship and sacrifice here. The energies are of high intensity, the radiation quality of which refers to cultic acts. In Christian times, pilgrimages and supplications on Baseggla are documented.

Schwarzsee: After a short descent you reach the Schwarzsee. According to legend, the lake is said to be the residence of a black bull that came out of the water during thunderstorms and was injured by an alpine servant. The bull then followed him into his dreams. The injured animal lived in the right place, as it is energetically a place of power. Do you feel the magical atmosphere that surrounds the small, stony lake?


Of course, you can also go on this hike as part of the classic 5-lake hike starting from the Pizolhütte.


Normal hiking equipment, sturdy mountain boots.


Gaffia - Lake Bashalva - Basegglagrat - Black Lake - Basegglagrat - Lake Baschalva - Gaffia


Public Transport

By train to Sargans. Then continue by bus in the direction of Sargans, train station to the bus stop Wangs, Pizolbahn. Take the gondola to the Furt mountain station and then take the chairlift to the Gaffia mountain station.

Anreise Information

Take the Sargans motorway exit, then follow the signs to the valley station of the Pizolbahnen. Park the car there. Take the gondola to the Furt mountain station and then take the chairlift to the Gaffia mountain station.


Public parking available at the valley station in Wangs (CHF 5.00 / day).

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