Sandgrueb trail 415

4.1 km
0:45 h
125 mhd
125 mhd
Der teils steile Abstieg zur Sandgrueb
Infopoint bei der Klinik Valens

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Mitten durch das idyllische Dörfchen Valens
The toughest part of the Sandgrueb trail is already behind you at the beginning. Then all you have to do is enjoy the view of Pfäfers, the Falknis and the surrounding mountains!
Technique 3/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  1027 m
Lowest Point  904 m
Best Season
Valens, Infopoint of The Valens Station
Valens, Infopoint of The Valens Station
46.967822, 9.47741



The outdoor fitness trails in the Heidiland holiday region comprise more than 30 uniformly signposted running paths from a total of 10 stations and thus form one of the largest open-air fitness parks in the Alpine region. The Sandgrueb Trail is one of three running trails around valens station.

The starting point for this 4.2 km long trail is the info point of the Valens station at the Postbus station of the Valens Clinic (915 m above sea level.M). All three trails lead first past the school, mini golf course, church and shop, up to the road that leads to Vasön. Hardly on the main road, the trail turns right onto a narrow hiking trail. After only a few meters, the trail turns right again - this time on a paved road, which high above the village offers a wonderful view of the village of Valens, the neighboring community of Pfäfers and the Falknis. At Rieteren (1019) you have already reached the highest point of the trail. From here, the Sandgrueb Trail runs mostly through a forest and on a well-developed forest path almost straight ahead to the Zanuxtobel. At the various forest clearings you always have a beautiful view of Pfäfers and the surrounding mountains. Arriving at the Zanuxtobel, the partly steep descent through the forest and over pastures to the Sandgrueb (905) begins. The last section back to the Infopoint in Valens runs on the pavement of the road that connects Bad Ragaz with Valens.


The outdoor fitness trails run mostly on official hiking trails. For orientation on the way, therefore, the hiking trail signaling also helps.

Relax after your sporting performance in the public thermal bath of the Valens Clinic, where you bathe in the famous Bad Ragaz healing water.


Depending on the weather conditions, it can be slippery on individual slats.


Normal jogging equipment, sturdy and comfortable footwear.


Valens - Rieteren - Zanuxtobel - Sandgrueb - Valens


Public Transport

By train to Bad Ragaz, then by Postbus to Valens.

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Bad Ragaz, then drive on the mountain road towards Pfäfers/Valens to Valens.


Parking is available at the Valens Clinic.

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